In the World War in 1944, one plant of one Japanese company was destroyed by a U.S. Bomber. Another plant collapsed due to an earthquake. The owner of this company sold all salvageable remains to TOYOTA and founded a Technical research institute and after a few years, he rolled out automotive vehicles in Japanese market. This newly founded company emerged as the world-famous HONDA MOTOR CO. LTD. The owner of this company is Mr. Soichiro Honda.

A struggling actor kept meeting with Hollywood film producers along with a script written by him. He was willing to sell his script on one condition – that he be the hero of that movie. People loved his script but nobody agreed to offer him the role of hero of that movie. After many rejections one producer accepted him condition and he played the role of an underdog boxer in that movie. The movie went on to become one of Hollywood’s greatest blockbuster inspiring movie – ROCKY. This movie gave us the world-famous actor Sylvestor Stallone.

What do these stories tell us? What is the secret that these people’s successes?  Are so lucky? What are the ingredients of their Luck factor? We can broadly say that Luck is getting what you truly desire. Can any of us become lucky like them? The honest answer is DEFINITELY

We can superficially say that these people are lucky; but if we study the lives of these and other so-called Lucky people, we can derive some achievable conclusions. We all know that our thoughts are the generating point of all our achievements as well as failures. We all think but these people have trained their minds to develop thoughts in their favor. Despite all adversities, these inspiring lucky people kept their focus on one thing “what they want from life”. They focused on their goals.

Every goal has positive and negative aspects. ‘Lucky’ people always focus on the positive aspect of their goals. They are also aware of the negative aspects of their goal; but somehow, they choose to focus only on the positive aspects of their goal. They know, deep down in their heart, efforts are very hard but rewards are worthy the efforts.

Since they focus ONLY on the positive aspects of their goals, they can work towards achieving their goals with a happy perspective. Of course, they go through their share of disappointments and failures too. They use these failures as learning lessons to prepare themselves move closer to accomplishing their goals.

They keep on learning from their failures. They keep on taking action. They keep on maintaining an attitude of happiness and one day they achieve their goal. Others in society call them ‘Lucky’; but they know in their heart that perseverance is the only way to become ‘Lucky’. They know “LUCK IS NOTHING BUT PREPARATION THAT TAKES ON AN OPPORTUNITY”


The author of this article is Prof. Varsha Degaonkar with the Department of Electronics & Telecommunication at International Institute of Information Technology, I²IT, Pune