This Committee aims at facilitating various activities for career development and guidance. It is focused towards preparing students and connecting them to appropriate opportunities. The Committee works towards specific strategies and logistics to maximize the career prospects for students on campus. It provides complete assistance and support to conduct the recruitment process under the guidance of the Training and Placement Department. The Committee members also actively participate in placement drives and interact with professionals from various corporate and continuously obtain feedback of the students employed with such corporates, that will help improve the overall development and technical competencies of the students to meet the rapid changes in the industry requirements. The CMC also arranges regular interactive sessions amongst different academic Departments. Being a part of this Committee helps students gain exposure to the corporate world through an applied hands-on method, which in turn develops highly success oriented graduates.

Internships are an integral  part of most of the professional courses  that provide students  the opportunity  to apply their theoretical  knowledge in real-life  situations  and  problems. I²IT supports  and  encourages students  to participate  in Internship  Programs that  have  relevance to the  prescribed academic program and  provides  growth  and  learning opportunities for the students.

Internships  also  assist the students  in acquiring their academic and  technical  credentials by providing  them    ample opportunities to augment classroom instructions with hands-on exposure  to the real world employment challenges and benefit them professionally. It is essential for the student to complete the necessary academic pre-requisites to be eligible to apply for Internship.

The students are strictly advised to adhere to the Internship procedure of the Institute and avoid any fraudulent attempts in undertaking the Internship activity.

Violations if any in this regard will be dealt with appropriately.

With rapid  development in modern Science and  Technology, sponsored projects play an important role in making  the students  aware of the industry requirements while they are working on the relevant  industry project/s. The preliminary exposure  to undertake such project/s helps the students  gain  knowledge about  the technical  competencies, problem solving capabilities and leadership & managerial skills that they need to possess to meet the requirements of the industry.

Their  valuable contributions   to  the  industry  during  this  project  phase will create   a road   map   toward  achieving employment opportunities within such  organizations. This would  also  encourage and   create   confidence among themselves  in acclimatizing  with the work culture of the organization thereby  providing  them a platform  in delivering quality output.

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) was established by the Institute in the year 2015 with the objective to create  awareness about  entrepreneurship skills among the students.  This cell is an  institutional mechanism to create entrepreneurial culture.

This initiative has  shown  an  encouraging response with many  students  coming  forward  with innovative  ideas  and concepts. The most promising ideas are chosen through “Entrepreneurship Challenge” – an event held on campus.

The Institute encourages students to contribute to the EDC and constantly assists them administratively and financially to meet their entrepreneurial aspirations.

To design  standardized processes, policies  and  procedures of referral  for clients to and  from  the  institute and  the incubation start ups

To promote interaction between the institute and the incubation start ups in mutually beneficial areas

To identify and  deliver appropriate entrepreneurship and  skills training,  monitoring and  mentoring entrepreneurs and the enterprises

To provide a formal basis for initiating interaction between the institute and the incubation start ups and joint cooperation in undertaking of export and investment promotion activities

To standardize the delivery of services to entrepreneurs and enterprises assisted by co-operating entities