Computer Engineering Students have filed and published Patent for their invention – “GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL SYSTEM”

Congratulations to RAKSHITHA SHETTIGAR, NISHANT DALVI, JAYAN VINOD, NINAD KHERATKAR, KETAN INGALE, FARHAN ANSARI (all pursuing their Bachelor Computer Engineering) and PROF. DEPTII CHAUDHARI for their invention – “GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL SYSTEM”. The patent for this invention has been filed and published.

I²IT Family wishes you all the very best in all your future endeavors. Proud I²ITian.

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Heartiest Congratulations to Kalyani Khathane, I²IT F.E. student who co-authored the second edition of “An International Anthology, 100 Splendid Voices”.

“100 Splendid Voices” is women’s anthology which is all about *celebrating Womanhood* and raising your voices so that the society and people can really understand what exactly a female can do to sustain and live their life though love, pain and dedication.

It will be available internationally in more than than 50 countries as paperback and eBook.