One Day Workshop on Signal & Systems Using MATLAB®
  • August 24, 2018
  • 9.30AM- 5.30 PM

I²IT Society for Electronics and Telecommunication Students, conducted a One Day Workshop on Signal & Systems Using MATLAB®

The workshop was designed to give the participants hands-on experience which helped them understand mathematical description and representation of continuous and discrete time signals and systems. It also helped them develop input output relationship for linear shift invariant system and understand the convolution operator for continuous and discrete time system. Also, this unique experience helped the 200+ participants understand and resolve the signals in frequency domain using Fourier series and Fourier transforms as well as the limitations of Fourier transform and need for Laplace transform and develop the ability to analyze the system in s- domain.

Key Highlights of the Workshop were
• Introduction to Signals & Systems (Classification)
• LTI Systems (Time Domain Representation)
• Frequency Domain Representation (Fourier & Laplace)
• Introduction to MATLAB
• MATLAB Scripting
• Signal Generation & Operation Using MATLAB
• Spectral Analysis and Hands-on

The chief resource person for this workshop was Dr. S Dr. S. Mohan Mahalakshmi Naidu who holds a Ph.D. (IIT Bombay), M.Tech (Cont. & Inst. –MNNIT Allahabad). He is also the HoD- Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication at I²IT.


Workshop on Universal Human Values
  • August 11, 2018
  • 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

“Workshop on Universal Human Values”
Hosted by Department of Applied Sciences & Engineering, I²IT

Values inform our thoughts
Our thoughts reveal through words
Our words manifest into actions
Our action makes social behavior.

The importance and need for imparting universal human values in engineering students’ life has now come to the forefront. Universal human values play an important role in the lives of humans at various stages including education and career. Which is why, the Department of Applied Sciences & Engineering (FE) hosted a workshop for its First Year students. Conducted by Ms Heena Chhabria who is a corporate trainer and an active member of Helpdesk – an NGO that works towards bridging the gap between industry requirement and student training. Heena is also an active online mentor for students across the globe.

The interactive workshop gave the students opportunity to contemplate, express themselves and internalize ethical concepts that could help them become better professionals and better individuals.