Yoga Enhances Professional Performance – Can It?

Yoga is a science and a discipline that has been handed down to us by seers and mystics who developed techniques to enhance our physical and mental agility.  It is said that the practice of Yoga brings flexibility to the spine and joints, keeps the muscles of the body pliable and youthful, increases circulation of […]

Space Weather & Solar Cycle

January 22, 2020 Space weather which is governed by solar activities is the key cause of Sun-Earth interaction system. The Sun-Earth interaction significantly affects the magnetosphere- ionosphere- thermosphere system leading to diverse physical phenomena. The earth’s ionosphere is highly affected with the space weather events such as Coronal mass ejections, geomagnetic storms, solar winds and […]

GPS Datasets for Space Research

January 22, 2020 Many Space agencies across the globe have launched satellites in particular to observe and understand the changes happening on the surface of the sun. Many instruments specifically for measuring various parameters have been orbited through these space agencies. To understand the dynamics of Sun and the related activities and to derive the […]

Selection of Sorting Method in Computer Science

Sorting is one of the major problems in Computer Science and Engineering. One needs to sort data in an ascending or a descending order based on problem statement. Efficient sorting is required to optimize the performance of other algorithms such as searching and merging. There are two types of sorting methods viz. Comparison Based Sorting […]

Know What Customers Think?

e-commerce is transforming rapidly and with many new technological advancements in the 21st century, the world is going crazy with online shopping. Customers check product availability across various e-commerce stores. Details like product specification star ratings, reviews to choose the right product, etc are all available just a click away.  Similarly, vendors are vigilant of […]

Do Aerosols affect Rainfall?

Atmospheric aerosols have been found to affect the Earth’s climate in many characteristic ways. They can affect the energy balance of Earth’s atmosphere system by producing a direct or indirect change in the weather and climate system. The direct interaction of aerosols involves both scattering and absorption of radiation, and the relative importance of these […]


In the World War in 1944, one plant of one Japanese company was destroyed by a U.S. Bomber. Another plant collapsed due to an earthquake. The owner of this company sold all salvageable remains to TOYOTA and founded a Technical research institute and after a few years, he rolled out automotive vehicles in Japanese market. […]

4 Technologies and 3 Idiots

The early 21st century living standards and comforts for humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) and technology-based lifestyle has become possible because of the foundations laid by breakthroughs made in Science and Technology, Innovation through Automation and Mechanization during the 20th century. However, the 22nd century is going to be shaped by Unification of Science and Convergence […]

Emerging Careers for the Modern-Day Engineer!

Over the last four decades; starting from 1971, when the fabrication of the first microprocessor with 1MHz operation happened, there has been an unprecedented rapid development in Computer-based solutions and operations across all aspects of human life and activities. Similarly in 1983 with the invention of hand-held mobile by Martin Cooper and team at Motorola, […]

Kaliyug – The Age of Dissatisfaction and Anxiety

We, the youth, are the ambassadors of the 21st century; the millennium when we have witnessed transformations in all dimensions and horizons. Ever since the revolution of technology began and the ‘Digital India’ mission kicked off, almost all services and applications are intended to migrate to the world of binaries; right from astrology to astronomy, […]

How to choose a career in Artificial Intelligence !! Computed Virtual Life!!

Convergence of technologies especially Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has transformed the society over the last 30 years. Though the first computers accessible to a common man happened only by 1971, the way of miniaturization of electronics devices have evolved and have resulted in wired and wireless world communicating every second. The rise of handheld […]

Is Engineering Meant For You?

Engineering is everywhere from living things to non-living things it’s all about imagination and passion to create. Dreams, passion, interest and motivation are the four basic qualities that shape an individual’s life. Knowledge and skill sets determine the nature of career that students choose to pursue. Present day technology enhanced lifestyle and comforts have become […]