From HoD's Desk

Welcome to the Applied Science and Engineering Department

The Applied Science & Engineering Department was established in 2011 and it comprises of various disciplines – Civil, Mechanical, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The Department provides a welcoming and encouraging environment to establish a strong foundation of the fundamentals of Engineering and Sciences. It aims at bridging the gap between school education and professional education.

We encourage our students to develop an interdisciplinary approach of problem solving by providing them with a brief glimpse into  some of the major branches of engineering.The faculty members and technical staff members are well qualified and experienced to ensure  a smooth transition of fresh out-of-school students into professional under-graduate students.

We hope these foundational courses of F.E. will create firm grounds on which you will be able to develop your technical skills and eventually become good professionals.

Dr. Swati Kolet

HoD, Applied Science & Engineering