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Light up your Life

Photonics Integrated Circuits Light is the source of life on earth. It has been the guiding force for human species since they evolved on the surface of the earth. Humans have been trying to harness light energy for improving their living environment for over... read more

Computed Virtual Life!!

Convergence of technologies especially Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has transformed the society in last 30 years. Though the first computers accessible to even common man made their way only by 1971, the way miniaturization of electronics devices... read more

How to choose career in Robotics?

!! Robotics, The ultimate road ahead of human species!! Robotics has been fascinating the mind-set of human species since the last century. It has redefined the way humans have been advancing their lives. The word “robota” meaning work was coined by Czech playwright... read more

Is Engineering Meant For You?

Engineering is everywhere from living things to non-living things it’s all about imagination and passion to create. Dreams, passion, interest and motivation are the four basic qualities that shape an individual’s life. Knowledge and skill sets determine the nature of... read more

Kaliyug – The Age of Dissatisfaction and Anxiety

We, the youth, are the ambassadors of the 21st century; the millennium when we have witnessed transformations in all dimensions and horizons. Ever since the revolution of technology began and the ‘Digital India’ mission kicked off, almost all services and applications... read more

Emerging Careers for the Modern-Day Engineer!

Over the last four decades; starting from 1971, when the fabrication of the first microprocessor with 1MHz operation happened, there has been an unprecedented rapid development in Computer-based solutions and operations across all aspects of human life and activities.... read more

4 Technologies and 3 Idiots

The early 21st century living standards and comforts for humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) and technology-based lifestyle has become possible because of the foundations laid by breakthroughs made in Science and Technology, Innovation through Automation and Mechanization... read more