Dr. Subrata Ghoshal


I believe that, “It’s better to wear out that rust out!”

My association with this great institution I²IT has been long and enriching. It has been the dream of our Founder Chairman, Late Shri Pralhad P Chhabria to nurture this institution into one of India’s foremost centre of learning and this is possible when the teachers and the students together embark on a journey of discovery and learning; and not just passing exams and getting degrees.

I would like to invite you learners to look beyond the textbooks and open your minds to more inter-disciplinary domains because the future belongs to those who have the ability to bring together knowledge from multiple domains. As one of the senior faculty members on campus, I welcome you to interact with me and let me support you in your academic endeavours in any way I can.

Finally, I would like to advice you that it is time we took charge of our own lives and worked towards being the best at what we can. We need to work hard… We need to push ourselves… We need to pursue our dreams… until we wear out!!

Thank you for considering I²IT and welcome to this campus!!

Dr. Subrata Ghoshal

Professor Emeritus, I²IT