On October 23, 2018, I ordered flowers that will be delivered on October 24, 2018. On October 24th, I received a delivery confirmation by e-mail. but the flowers were never delivered. When I emailed this to 1800flowers, I received the answer: “Our local florist sent us a message stating that they had tried a delivery yesterday on 24.10.15 but the recipient was not at home. The community was fenced off and they couldn`t pass. Our driver left a message and we will deliver it again when we hear from them. That`s when a real confusion sets in! How does the driver know the receiver wasn`t home if they couldn`t get through the door? Where exactly did you leave the message when you couldn`t get through the door? From that moment on, I was promised delivery on the 24th and 25th. Well, today is the 26th and still no flowers? They promised another delivery today. Who wants 3-day flowers? The only concern of the sales and service specialists was whether, when I received the survey, I could give them a good rating because they helped me! I didn`t get any help from anyone at 1800flowers! They just take your money, deceive you, and then try to tell you that they solved the problem! I will contact the BBB and will never do business with this company again! BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!! What happens with 1800flowers? It`s the most incompetent company I`ve ever worked with. I ordered birthday flowers to deliver to my wife at work, they sent me a page to track the order, and by 3 p.m. they still hadn`t arrived at work (she goes down at 4 p.m. and I ordered them more than 24 hours in advance at an unoccupied time of year). Anyway, I called to ask what was going on and they didn`t know, so I told them to cancel and they said they would send me a confirmation email in a few hours.

To make matters worse, they asked me if I wanted them to contact my wife to apologize that the flowers couldn`t do it. I said absolutely NOT and I said it in 3 different ways and explained why I don`t want her to know that I`m trying to send her because it would spoil the surprise. Well, 2 hours later, she still got a call from them asking if the flowers had been delivered. Why on earth would you call the recipient of the flowers to ask him if he got them or not; Completely ruin the surprise??? I`m extremely frustrated by my recent meeting with your organization, and if my experience and that of my son, who also recently made (or tried) a purchase with 1800flowers, is an indication of where your business is headed, you`re in extreme trouble. On May 4, 2014, I placed an internet order for flowers to be delivered to a family member recovering from open-heart surgery. When these flowers were delivered, they did not look like the image pictured on the website, so I wrote an email of the complaint. My records show that the order number was 124234793. The response to my email began with an apology and an offer to return the flowers, which I accepted. The flowers were never sent, so I wrote another email and again I was promised a new delivery that never took place.

Now that I was obsessed with this terrible customer service, I wrote another email and this last response really sealed the case on the mismanagement of your business. On May 18, 2014, at 12:01 a.m., I received an email entitled “I`m Sorry,” signed by Jim McCann, the founder of 1800Flowers, for my recent meetings with their department. This email included a $20 savings pass that was to be used between May 13 and 15, 2014. MY VOUCHER EXPIRED 3 DAYS BEFORE RECEIPT! You`re kidding? I ordered from 1800flowers and was told that the flowers would be delivered as close as possible. They changed my card and never delivered the flowers. I called and was told they would be delivered before 5 p.m. This time came and went and no flowers. I called again and was promised that they would be there at 8pm and that they were on delivery.

Well, no flowers at 8:10 pm, so I called and they told me they couldn`t be delivered to this hospital, which was a lie because I called the hospital before ordering. Then I asked when they knew the delivery wasn`t working, and I was told the florist had been called that morning. So I was lied to three times. I will never use this company again and I`d better get my money back in a decent amount of time!!!! This is my second time with 1800flowers and the second time I`ve had a bad service. The first time, my flowers were delivered to an abandoned house and I had to pay $90 more to order more flowers. This time, the order number W01005752648766 has been ordered for a delivery date of 27.04.21. They were ordered for the presentation of the funeral and services the next day. The flowers were not delivered until noon on 28.04.21, which was barely in time for the funeral.

I placed the order on time, which should be more than enough to deliver my order on 27.04.21. I am so disappointed with your service and do not intend to use it again at this point. Now, this site doesn`t even allow me to register my complaint, and I was hung up when I called to complain Within a few days, I sent an email to your customer service, patiently waiting for someone to contact me, this never happened. Today 1.03.17 I took the initiative and called your company`s customer service to report the problem and request a full refund. The customer service representative answered the phone and identified himself as Joseph, I explained the whole situation to Joseph and asked for the total amount of my order to be refunded to me, Joseph replied because I had not contacted your company within 7 days that I was only entitled to a 50% refund, I then repeated that I had sent an email within a few days and called, because I did not receive a response, apologized and repeated that I was only entitled to the 50% refund – I then asked to speak to a customer service manager/supervisor. I received a call on 3/5/20 telling me that my credit card was authorized for an order, I said which order I have not used in your company since December 2019. He gave me the order number and said, oh, I see it was. I told him to cancel this order and cancel my card from his computer and that I wanted a confirmation email saying that this had happened. I received the confirmation email and saw that my money had been debited from my account without my permission.

I smoked and called and demanded that my money immediately come back to my account. I was then transferred to the executive department, which was very nice and told me that they couldn`t understand how it had happened and that she would feel the same as me. I asked them to send me a confirmation email that my money would go back to my account and that I would be cancelled by the computer. I don`t have an online account with them as my order was by phone in December. I am now waiting for my money to be deposited into my account. When ordering on the phone, be careful because you do not know in which country you will be transferred, serious enough that you can not understand them, they should be more trained because the amount you receive by phone is not the one you will be charged. If you use this company, be sure to call the number in the United States. I ordered flowers at the end of April, which were delivered to my mother-in-law on May 11 to receive a Mother`s Day gift early. The order was never delivered, although I sent an email to get tracking information and called to get the status.

I`ve been going back and forth since mid-May with MANY calls and emails in both directions where I`ve been told various false information about my refund status. Apparently, it is being “processed” and no one at 1800flowers is worried that it has been working since May. I don`t know why it`s so difficult to process a refund for the payment I made for a product that was never scheduled or delivered.