An IEEE Intra-College Event “For The Students By The Students” was conducted by the IEEE Students Branch on March 10th, 2015 in I²IT Campus.

The IEEE For The Students By The Students is an initiative which promotes exchange of valuable information and knowledge within the students. It lets students open their spell books and show their talents and specialization to their colleagues and motivate them for the same.

The topic for the event was “Bridging the Gap between Skills and IT Industries”. The events was hosted and carried out by three students: Sanket T. Londhe, Priyanka Bhosale and Aditi Gadgul of Third Year Computer Engineering.

During the event Miss. Aditi Gadgul started with her first set of presentations where she talked about CAREER and IT COMPETENCIES, later Miss. Priyanka Bhosale continued with her next set of presentation where she talked about E-MAIL COMMUNICATION and THE NEW TREND in IT Industries and at the end Mast. Sanket Londhe talked about PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT, CAMPUS INTERVIEW and SOCIAL MEDIA.

The overall event was very nice and informative. Feedback was taken from the students which was very positive. Hosts interacted with students regarding their experiences at various points during the session. The event was concluded with some closing thoughts of Mr. Adesh Patwardhan and Mr. Sameer P. Mamadapure.