Online application and, if successful, invitation to the evaluation day with the interview. We do not conduct psychometric, verbal or numerical thought tests during the application or assessment phase. Q: What happens if I have extenuating circumstances? If you have sufficient evidence to indicate that your test results do not fully reflect your abilities, please complete the Extenuating Circumstances section of the application form. We may contact you for additional information when evaluating application forms, but you do not need to send us any additional information at the time of submission. Q: The application form asks me if I need reasonable adjustments. What does that mean? If you require reasonable adjustments for your participation in a retreat, grading day or workplace, for example: Wheelchair access or extra time for written assessments, please let us know so that we can accommodate your request. Q: You mention that you are a disability-conscious employer. What does that mean? Shoosmiths is proud to be a disability-conscious employer. Disability Confident is a government program designed to encourage employers to hire and retain people with disabilities and health issues. The Disability Confidence program replaced the Two Ticks Positive about Disabled People program. We have been accredited as a two-tick employer for many years – Disability Confident expands and develops this original commitment, showing that we have taken a proactive approach to employing people with disabilities and developing their skills. As part of our accreditation, we are committed to interviewing all applicants with disabilities who meet the minimum criteria for each vacancy.

Shoosmiths reserves the right to determine minimum criteria based on applications received this year. Please note that the minimum criteria for our roles are not only based on academics, but also on the full review of the application. You can read more about Shoosmiths` commitment to equality and inclusion here We want to recruit top talent, but we know that academics aren`t the only measure of success. Law requires a high level of intelligence, but we are also looking for candidates with strengths in other fields, which is why our minimum academic criteria are CCC at “A” level and a degree in any subject (or equivalent). Think about how you can demonstrate the strengths you have in other areas on your application form. Q: Where can I learn more about starting my career at Shoosmiths? Shoosmiths has also made developments in legal technology. Shoosmiths offers its customers 8 products designed to refine and streamline daily business operations. These include the exclusive review of AI Ca contracts, the Lease Infinity real-time reporting portfolio and Secondment+, a fixed-price service that provides access to Shoosmiths` best advice for urgent and personalized advice. These products not only demonstrate a willingness to change their methods, but also demonstrate that Shoosmith`s addresses the issues that have plagued the legal industry for years, including inflated prices, excessively lengthy review processes and transparency to clients.

The skills we are looking for during your application and on the day of the assessment fall within the following priorities: Anyone who submits an application, conducts a video interview or attends an assessment centre will receive notification of the outcome of your application. Shoosmiths reserves the right to close the application form early if all places have been successfully filled, so we recommend that you submit your application for a summer holiday internship and apprenticeship contract as soon as possible. Training contracts have 30 places and holiday programmes have 50 places. Belfast: Application dates for apprenticeship contracts from 2023 will be announced here as soon as they are confirmed. To find out more about Shoorok`s apprenticeship contract and other early career opportunities in the UK, check out our detailed student guide. But it can help teach you skills in a professional environment that will help you answer the competency-based questions on the application form. Q: Can I only apply for an internship without also applying for an apprenticeship contract? No, the placement option is only available to candidates who are also applying for a training contract. You submit an application when you apply for both. We also accept applications from graduates, GDL/LPC/Scottish Accelerated LLB/Diploma in Legal Practice candidates and lateral entrants. Benefits include a fantastic work-life balance. Most days hardly end at 6:30 p.m., and everyone is expected to join in the rare cases where an urgent matter holds people back.

Visitors to London can expect £40,000 for each year of training and a dramatic increase to £70,000 after qualifying. Outside the capital, trainees receive around £30,000 during training and £50,000 on qualification. With 100% of apprentices remaining on board until 2022, Shoosmiths has no trouble retaining employees as the company moves into new horizons. Applying for apprenticeship contracts can be stressful. It can be difficult to put your personality, skills, and driving style on paper in a way that stands out. That`s why I`ve put together 3 tips to help you stand out If you can, take a look at the application questions before attending the event. Q: How long does an internship last? The internship lasts one week at the same location. We expect our placements to take place in person in 2022, subject to local restrictions at that time. Q: Do I still have a chance of getting an apprenticeship contract if I haven`t been offered an internship? Yes, our number of placements is limited and places are very competitive. Your application for an apprenticeship contract will be considered even if no internship has been offered to you. Q: Am I eligible for a retreat? Shoosmith`s Insight evenings are open to applicants each academic year at the university, in all disciplines, graduate and graduate students interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer.

Q: What year should I apply? If you are an English or Scottish law student, you can apply in your penultimate or final year or as a graduate. If you are a non-law English student, you can apply in your final year or as a graduate. If you are a non-lawyer Scottish student intending to convert to Scottish law, you can apply as early as your first year of accelerated LLB or thereafter. If you are a student in Northern Ireland, you can apply in your final year. To apply, you must be able to start an apprenticeship contract in September of the year for which you are applying and have completed your postgraduate studies by that date (e.g. LPC, Diplom, SQE). Access your application here, launch it and take the first step towards your career at Shoosmiths. If a company ticks all your boxes after the first and subsequent meetings, filling out the application should be a no-brainer for you, as your enthusiasm and sincere knowledge will shine through. Q: What happens at a Shoosmiths Assessment Centre? You will be assessed in four main assignments, including a group discussion, a written assignment, an interview, and a five-minute presentation.

Q: Is there time to learn more about Shoosmiths at the Assessment Centre? As part of the evaluation day, we will have time to get to know our staff through a series of networking sessions. These parts of the day are not evaluated, but you still want to make the best first impression. Q: What does blind maintenance mean for Shoosmiths? We want to evaluate candidates fairly and without discrimination, which is why we introduced blind interviewing in our assessment centre more than 15 years ago. If your application is reviewed, the evaluator will not be able to see any of your personal data (name, address, etc.). Applicants follow strict selection guidelines to assign a score to the parts of the application they may see, such as: Your answers to proficiency questions). We apply a step-by-step selection process, which means you take the next step at each step. In practice, this means that if you pass the application phase, the video interview and the assessment centre, you will be evaluated on your performance in these tasks and we will not use your application form. You will be interviewed at the assessment centre, but the interviewers do not know anything about you and have not seen your application form. Q: Do I need to complete an online application form for Shoosmiths? In order for your application to be reviewed, you must complete our online application form. We do not accept a cover letter or CV as an application. Q: I would like to add additional information to my application after submitting it, for example: Exam results or work experience: Send an email to [email protected] with your additional content, we can then attach it to your application.