You have the right to first aid and free medical care in accordance with Article 357 C of the Code of Criminal Procedure in all hospitals, whether public or private, and whether run by the central or state government. The State Police cybercrime unit said on Saturday that banks returned Rs 4.4 crore to cybercrime victims without an FIR being registered. Mumbai HC on Tuesday ordered the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to demolish unauthorized parts of Union Minister Narayan Rane “Aadhish” Juhu residence within two weeks and imposed costs of Rs 10 lakh on Kaalkaa Real Estates Pvt Ltd, a company owned by the Rane family, who had requested the regularization of these documents. The Orissa Supreme Court ordered the state government to file an affidavit within two months detailing the steps taken to implement the Social Security for Non-Union Workers Act of 2008. National Legal Services Authority Chairman Uday Umesh Lalit on Sunday unveiled the country`s first AI-powered digital locomotive, Adalat, at the 18th meeting of India`s Legal Services Authority. The Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority`s (RSLSA) Adalat digital locomotive was designed and developed by its technology partner Jupitice Justice Technologies, according to an official statement. The Gujarat High Court on Monday ordered state authorities to file a report on the state of the city`s roads and traffic, as the court ordered it to file bi-monthly reports on the proper maintenance of the city`s roads in 2019. The Andhra Pradesh State Legal Services Authority will hold the statewide national Lok Adalat on August 13. After receiving orders from the Gujarat Supreme Court to investigate the city`s streets and determine the extent of the stray cattle problem, the Gujarat State Legal Services Authority (GSLSA) released its report on Friday, saying no street in the city had been investigated by its teams. The state government has appointed P. Naveen Rao, Chief Justice of the Telangana High Court, as Executive Chairman of the State Legal Authority (SLSA). A cyber fraudster allegedly tried to deceive a Lucknow district judge via messaging app WhatsApp. The administrative officer of the UP State Legal Services Authority, Sandeep Kumar Kaushik, filed a complaint with the Hazratganj police on behalf of the victim.

FIR/Police Report, Form “I” (below), Medical Report (if applicable), Death Certificate (if applicable), copy of court judgment/recommendation at the end of trial. Can India`s Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) refuse to share data with police or courts to track down unidentified deaths in accidents? FIR/police report, medical report (if medical examination performed), death certificate (if applicable), probate certificate (if applicable), copy of judgment and judgment decision (when proceedings are closed) Rs.1,00,000/- will be paid to the victim within fifteen days of being informed of the event and the remainder Rs.2,00,000/- will be paid within two months of the first payment. 75% of the amount of compensation will be paid in a FD in the name of the Sacrifice for a period of at least 3 years. The remaining 25% is available for pick-up and initial costs. Interest accrued on Form FDR is credited to the savings account on a monthly basis, which can be withdrawn by the beneficiary. An additional sum of two lakhs is granted within two months and paid as quickly and positively. You have the right to book jobs with the central government under the Disability Rights Act 2016. In the event of discrimination, you can file a complaint with the complaints officer of the government institution concerned.

These officers keep a register of complaints with details such as the date of the complaint; the name of the complainant; the name of the entity or person against whom the complaint was filed; the substance of the complaint and the date of resolution by the complaints officer. Any complaint will be investigated within two months of its registration and the outcome of the complaint or the action taken in response to it will be communicated to the complainant or the person with a reference disability. Chief Justice of Telangana State Supreme Court Interested and suitable candidates can apply online through the official for these vacancies at the Rajasthan State Judicial Academy. State Legal Services Authority, District Court and District Legal Services Authorities, including Taluka and Lok Adalat Legal Services Committees. More than two years after a chamber of the Supreme Court of Gujarat requested that young middle school students be informed about the provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (Pocso), the Gujarat State Legal Services Authority (GSLSA), headed by HC judges, has launched an awareness programme on the issue for students in public schools and colleges. Note: The helpline numbers are for reference purposes only and we make no recommendations or warranties regarding the quality of the response and medical advice you may receive from any of the helplines. National Lok Adalat is scheduled for 13-08-2022 throughout Telangana State. Litigants can contact the legal services institution of the nearest courthouse to resolve their cases through the national Lok Adalat. In exceptional cases, withdrawal may be approved for educational or medical expenses or other urgent needs at the discretion of SLSA/DLSA. If you are not satisfied with the quorum of the compensation awarded, you can appeal within 30 days from the date of receipt of the order by the president, the DLSA bank account is held to claim compensation. If you do not have a bank account, the DLSA in question will help you open the bank account in the name of the victim or their relatives.

The registration process for the positions of Junior Judicial Assistant (JJA), Junior Assistant (JA) and Registrar of the High Court of Rajasthan (HC) closes today, 22 September 2022. Interested candidates who have not yet applied for the above positions should hurry up and visit the official website – check the full job posting. 2nd Floor, Nyaya Seva Sadan, City Civil Court Compound, Purani Haveli, Hyderabad Judges D Y Chandrachud and Hima Kohli sympathetically watched rescuers languish in overcrowded prisons, despite long years in prison and compliance with the conditions of the policy regarding the waiver of sentences for those sentenced to life imprisonment for heinous crimes. A request for interim measures may be filed with the DSLA/SLSA for immediate medical or first aid services. The SLSA grants rupee victims one lakh within 15 days of notification. The repair order must be issued within 7 days and SLSA will pay compensation within 8 days of the order being issued. If a victim is denied compensation, contact the SLSA within 90 days. Victims of acid attacks are also entitled to additional compensation of Rs 1 under the Prime Minister`s National Relief Fund Victims of acid attacks are also entitled to additional special financial support of up to Rs. 5 lakes require treatment costs higher than the compensation paid by the respective State/UTs under the guidelines of the Central Victims Compensation Fund – 2016, Telangana Victim Compensation Scheme, 2014 DLSA can aggravate the victim`s suffering, order immediate temporary assistance or medical services provided free of charge So far, the District Court Counselling Centre has closed 47 matrimonial cases since May 2022. A total of 551 proceedings pending before and before the courts were referred to the counselling centre, of which 47 were settled by the counsellors.