A maximum of 8 documents can be notarized per appointment, and individuals on the appointment list are registered. For more information on the required documents, please note that appointments are made upon payment of an online service fee of EGP 120. In order for the documents to be legalized by this consulate, the applicant must present the original document after it has been certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as a translation into Italian. In case of detection of errors in the translation, the consulate reserves the right to immediately refuse to receive documents. For more information in Italian about the bilingual certificate service available with Italian translation, click here Egyptian citizens residing in Italy may authorize a trusted person, who must present the power of attorney as well as a copy of the client`s residence permit and passport, as well as the applicant`s passport. The power of attorney is issued in the municipality where the beneficiary resides, in accordance with the rules in force. The basic data that must be clarified in the power of attorney are as follows: The Office of Legalization is accessible to the public only by prior appointment from Sunday to Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. via our website.

For more information, please call the customer service number (+) 20233323018 The above documents are subject to the fees listed below: Italian citizens or EU citizens can authorize a trusted person, who must present a copy of the beneficiary`s passport to the certification office, in addition to the power of attorney, as well as his passport as an applicant. The translation agency registered in the Abbasiya Civil Registry (Civil Registry of the Ministry of Interior) must determine the appointment by entering the passport number or national number of the person presenting the documents, and the person is only allowed to make one appointment per day, either by entering the national number or passport number, and if it is determined that there is more than one reservation for the same person with different numbers, the date is considered null and void. Dual citizens (Italian-Egyptian) and only Egyptian citizens who have an Egyptian marriage contract are asked to set a date for the ratification of this contract. Please note that in the event of an application for legalization of documents from the consular section and the power of attorney of attorney of a person who is not a first-degree relative, only the power of attorney issued in the municipality to which he belongs and the original power of attorney will be presented. Dear client, please ensure that the submitted translation is correct and that all documents required for documentation are completed on the day of submission, and in case of translation errors or missing documents, the application will not be accepted on the same day, and the window staff will inform you of a new application date on another day. Please note that this embassy has removed the list of accredited translators as the circumstances that required their accreditation no longer exist. The Consular Section does not recognize the right of an agency or person outside the agency (whether free of charge or for a fee) to facilitate access to these premises in violation of the established and mentioned above-mentioned rules, which beneficiaries must respect. Egyptian citizens residing in Egypt must come in person to submit the documents to be legalized.