Since paddlers are sweaty, they are thrilled or depressed by the timing results. I sat at my desk and felt depressed and depressed by the great injustice we had committed. When Perkins entered Diotti`s room, he found the violinist with heavy eyes and dejected. On the other hand, rats that have no control over when they are shocked become depressed, depressed, develop ulcers, lose weight, and have a weakened immune system that makes them more susceptible to disease. A Sanba rider gets a puncture and returns to the start line dejected. He acted dejected and discouraged, and if he could have spoken, he would have asked questions about the meaning of everything. So I was depressed when I had the theater and the show was sold out in the late afternoon. But his eyes wandered eagerly and turned into a burning red color as they fell on the dejected figure of his mistress. There are beings who are so depressed – so poor – that this curse constitutes their entire reserve of worldly abundance. “The commissioner took away a golden opportunity for me and my teammates,” said a dejected Ewing after scoring 37 points and grabbing 17 rebounds in Game 7 loss. Depressed goes beyond decline – it means having lost hope. “After the theater was set on fire by Mrs. Jud, the deranged school secretary, the drama students were too depressed to sing Oklahoma`s `Pore Jud is Daid,` the only song that could have made them feel better.” If you are kicked out of an important match, you will feel depressed.

If you are rejected by the love of your life, you will feel depressed again. Cameras often filmed him smiling nervously but never looking depressed or angry. He put his arms around her and pulled her to his knees where she lay, a small pile down, sobbing bitterly. I was knocked down and once again rejected by someone who cashed my checks to tell me how to deal with depression and rejection.