LegalMatch is starting to expand the legal information content to include category-specific sub-domains: family law lawyers at, criminal defense attorneys at, and personal injury and accident lawyers at The Associated Press reports that Dmitry Shubov, the founder of an internet service that connects lawyers to clients, has been accused of allegedly hacking into the voicemail system of an Irvine competitor and deleting messages. He also allegedly lied to FBI agents about the activity during an interview earlier this year, Stolper said. Consumers looking for a lawyer had the usual options: Yellow Pages, friends, the bar or the 800 number at a bus stop. Now they can turn to Internet lawyer matchmakers. Like Priceline, consumers enter their legal issues on a site and lawyers pay annual registration fees ranging from $2,500 to $100,000 to compete with their business. The South Carolina Bar Association gives a positive opinion on the new online legal matching industry; Website traffic increases by 300%; Announced commercial partnerships with AOL, RentLaw and Abacus. The North Carolina State Bar Association gives a favorable opinion on online legal matching; Introduction of a new targeting engine; The increase in the number of registered cases of consumption continues – increase of 61%; The number of cases has never been higher. LegalMatch becomes the main sponsor of legal keywords for GOOGLE; Affiliate Program Unveiled: Commission Junction immediately works with the company; the number of cases in twelve months by 20 times; Organic growth necessitated moving the headquarters to 22,000-square-foot offices in San Francisco`s SOMA neighborhood at a time when most DOT-COM companies were going bankrupt. The priority service has started. LegalMatch is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. [1] It operates an online legal matchmaking service where users file a complaint and receive responses with notes and quotes from lawyers interested in their case. The service is free for those who publish a case, while lawyers contract with LegalMatch to access the generated leads.

In addition to its corporate headquarters, LegalMatch has offices in Reno, Las Vegas and Austin. [2] Dmitry Shubov was indicted in Stanislaus County, California, and charged Tuesday, according to the Modesto Bee and (sub. req.). He is accused of meeting the girl through a website that connects older adults “sugar daddy” or “sugar momma” with younger people. Shubov worked as a partner at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson before founding in 1999. People who need a lawyer answer questions about their legal problems on the site, and then subscribed lawyers interested in the case send an offer to the potential client. Online Legal Match (OLM) concept developed by the founding lawyers of LegalMatch, with the aim of providing an online exchange to help individuals and small businesses make informed decisions when selecting a lawyer. San Francisco-based Dmitry Shubov, 31, has been charged with three counts of unlawful access to in-store communications and one count of perjury, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Stolper said Wednesday. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. More than 3,000,000 cases were published on LegalMatch in June 2014.

The law library reached 7,000 articles and generated more than 25,000,000 page views. Wells should be careful with glass houses. He received a four-month suspension and was fined $20,000 by the National Association of Securities Dealers in 2001 for “failing to supervise” a renegade life insurance salesman at a former Wells finance company. “I`m a lot smarter about the mistakes that were made,” Wells says. The FTC issued a unanimous positive opinion on online legal matching and the Texas Bar issued the same opinion a month later; Opening of the LegalMatch Austin office; Oprah Magazine features LegalMatch in the article. LegalMatch invests significantly in its customer service departments with the implementation of Key Account Management. Key Account Managers are a dedicated resource for member lawyers whose goal is to provide marketing and best practice support services. The Utah State Bar Association announces partnership with LegalMatch; Opening of LegalMatch`s office in Los Angeles; The MSN partnership is over.

A former BigLaw employee who founded has been charged with an alleged sexual relationship with a minor. The charges include unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor under the age of 16, oral copulation with a minor, and bestiality. Shubov`s lawyer, Frank Carson, told Modesto Bee that the allegations were “unfounded” and that Shubov`s innocence had been vigorously defended. 1,500,000 cases submitted to the LegalMatch system; LegalMatch celebrates its 10th anniversary. I always thought it was a good idea to match people who need legal services with good lawyers through the effective use of technology. But last month, there was troubling news on blogs and mailing lists that LegalMatch`s sales techniques really put off lawyers — so much so that some lawyers thought the tactic was misleading. Today, LegalMatch is the industry leader in lawyer/client matching services and the best way to find the right lawyer. Operating in all 50 states, LegalMatch has developed an extensive team of specialists who serve both consumers and the legal profession. The company is based in South San Francisco, California, with a member office in Austin, Texas. Shubov was deported to New York after pleading guilty in 2004 to illegally accessing and deleting voicemails from a competing company.

Shubov is the founder of, which connects lawyers with potential clients, Stolper said, and one of his competitors is Shubov allegedly called the company, used a passcode to eavesdrop on the messages, and then deleted them, Stolper said. LegalMatch expands its development team with the opening of a new office in Cebu, Philippines. LegalMatch Philippines consists of front-end and back-end developers, QA engineers, business analysts, project managers, SEO specialists, and content writers. An important milestone has been reached in the industry: 1,000,000 cases submitted to the LegalMatch system; The main offices are moving to new Class A rooms on Market Street in San Francisco. LegalMatch is revamping the user interface for member lawyers to improve the user experience and introduce several new features to facilitate communication with clients. The member recruitment team expands with the opening of a new office in Reno, Nevada. This triggered a war of slander. It turned out that LegalMatch founder Dmitry Shubov pleaded guilty in 2004 to accessing and deleting voicemails from Casepost. He was sentenced to two years` probation and fined $5,000 and deported from New York last October. “It has never affected what we do,” said general manager Laurie Ziffrin, trying to trace the incident back in time. Shubov does not want to comment.

LegalMatch gets a new look for 2011 with an extensive visual overhaul. In March, the 2,000,000th case is submitted to the LegalMatch system. Exhibited at the first legal fair; Patent application filed; Launch of the beta service; is online. A police spokesperson told Modesto Bee that investigators believe Shubov met the girl via the website when she was 14 and the relationship eventually became sexual. In May, criminal charges were filed and Shubov was charged two days later. LegalMatch is celebrating its twentieth anniversary of helping people find the right lawyer, with more than 5.5 million cases published in November. Over 100 new lawyer success stories have been added to highlight the success of LegalMatch members and tips for new lawyers joining the platform. The two-year-old lawsuit accused the company of illegally operating a lawyer-placement service.

Visits to reach 1 million per month. LegalMatch introduces a Spanish admission system for cases. The Colorado Bar Association`s Ethics Committee gives a positive opinion on the marketing of lawyers on the Internet. The 4,000th legal article is published in the LegalMatch Law Library. The company was founded in 1999 by Anna Ostrovsky[3] and Dmitri Shubov. LegalMatch launched its online service in 2000. [1] The service has grown rapidly, with website traffic increasing by 300% in the first year after launch. [4] In 2013, LegalMatch expanded its operations with a new facility in Reno, Nevada.

It`s a good idea, but you have to wonder about two of the major companies that do it, San Francisco`s LegalMatch and its big competitor Irvine, California. Laurie Ziffrin is hired as the new CEO; Celebration of the fifth anniversary of the company; Rhode Island Supreme Court Gives Positive Opinion on Online Matching; Foundation of the Financial Services Group; Announcement of a partnership with NACDL; Law library published with Google Mini as a search tool; LegalCenter revealed. The settlement, signed Aug. 30 by state attorney and LegalMatch officials, required LegalMatch to pay $225,000 to the bar. The company did not admit any wrongdoing and both parties agreed to pay their own legal fees and expenses. Aside from the fact that now the former CEO of LegalMatch, D. Randall Wells, claims that Shubov quietly runs the company behind the scenes, even though he has relinquished the title of managing director (he is still the majority shareholder). Wells jumped last June to run Casepost because, he says, he was tired of Shubov`s interference, which included requests for daily reports on expenses over $100. LegalMatch “tries to convince the public that a convicted criminal is not running the business,” Wells said.