When it comes to the information that Wish collects from users, the website has a privacy policy that explicitly states that it automatically collects information such as: The reality is that the website may not be the best place to buy designer clothing or high-end electronics. However, Wish is a great place to find small gadgets and casual clothes. The platform is great for finding practical or quirky items. Check out this site review to see some recommended items to buy. It is not safe to use wish.com. A few months not connected, suddenly costs me $ 108 today. Auto Dashcam order item. I didn`t place an order. Luckily, I check emails.

I constantly order the desired products. The price of the item always confuses me because the price is advertised as $2, so you click to buy, and suddenly that advertised $2 becomes $12. Sad, because I love wishes. The site tried to block me because whenever I received the majority of their articles, they were not as advertised and either poorly done or unusable. It was horrible and they don`t return the shipping charge they charge you for. The pricing on Wish is likely to raise eyebrows among online shopping veterans. Given that the average price of items on Wish is $5, many are understandably skeptical. How are such low prices possible? Is Wish a scam? What do the prices say about the quality of the products purchased on the site? I have purchased several products in recent years and have not had any major problems.

The only problem I had was solved immediately with a desired credit that I used for another product. In my case, they reimbursed me more than the shipping costs for a free product. I bought products from Wish and exactly the same product from Amazon for 3 times the price. Many people who sell products on Amazon first buy their products from desired discount companies or whatever, and then raise the price several times. It`s worth researching. Some sellers charge more for shipping, but less for the product. Start small and buy bigger products slowly, but I generally think my purchases are lighter and easier to ship. You will usually receive the product sooner. Larger packages are more overturned and suffer more damage. Read Read Read All Descriptions, Shipping, Refunds, etc. etc. I would also like to have a phone number for Wunsch, but I haven`t found one, although they have an office in the United States.

I searched out of desire and put some things in a basket that I didn`t order or gave you an OK to send it on. From a very old card, it is illegal. You force it without my OK so you can get my $253.00 or whatever the bank gave me a phone number but can`t pass You have to do the right thing You didn`t have my OK on my new card Tell me what you can do before everyone else is fine, What you did My phone number is 2567087046 Wish is also building a team of buyers, which will focus on acquiring inventory from struggling brands for sale on the site — particularly in women`s fashion — to compete with low-cost retailers such as T.J. Maxx and Ross stores. Eventually, he hopes to have a selection that looks like a cross between these chains and his next physical counterpart, the dollar store, the most successful of which now offers branded food and household items as well as cheaper bells and whistles and branded products. I ordered some items from the desired purchasing company, they told me that my items would be delivered, but since then I have not seen them, I continue to send them an email but no response, I do not know if it is a scam or. However, the website does not recognize my email address or password. So I changed my password and it was banned from the website, but now it doesn`t recognize me as a customer. I ordered a Wstch and many other items from wish.com and most of them didn`t work. I have had this app for two years yes, it sells items for cheap but they are really cheap quality I ordered iPhone chargers and it`s about a day not worth what I spent on shipping and the item it costs itself doesn`t come in 3 weeks to a month it`s worth it.

I bought other things like shirts, screen protectors, covers for my phone and these are just cheap quality replicas, some of the things I bought that I never wanted to receive. Still, compared to other major marketplaces — Amazon (134 million installs last year, for comparison), Alibaba`s AliExpress, eBay — Wish is hardly a household name. It only started selling products in 2013, before moving closer to Pinterest, giving users the ability to create product “wish lists” from the web, as well as images they`ve uploaded themselves. AliExpress: This is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world. This Chinese site allows companies or individual traders to sell directly to customers. As the items come from China, there will be a long wait for delivery. But the prices here will be hard to beat. You can check out this article for tips on trading on the site. The purchase of electronics on the site is a coincidence. Be aware that the audio quality of the speakers or headphones is poor.

USB or HDMI cables work, but they may not be as strong or last as long as their more expensive counterparts Lehrman says Wish receives 500,000 reviews a day from users. According to ecommerce data company Marketplace Pulse, it outperforms Amazon and other comparable shopping sites in this regard — even with far fewer products and a fraction of Amazon`s total sales — by using emails and push notifications to encourage shoppers to leave reviews. His communication tactics are persistent: within 48 hours of creating an account, I received four marketing emails offering one-hour discounts, a shop-more-save-more rewards program, $1 watches, and $10 fitness trackers. For the sake of my inbox (and my mind), I changed my settings. T-shirts advertised on request always a large image covering the majority of t-shirts What they actually send is a t-shirt with a much smaller image on the front Also, if you complain too much and ask for returns/refunds, they will still allow you to buy things but will exclude you from future customer service I ordered maybe 50 times on request and for over $20000, Most of the time good products arrived (you have to browse and compare different sellers and prices before buying), sometimes the packages didn`t arrive (probably more than 200 packages ordered) and it could be about 30 of them that I didn`t receive, but I was always refunded as long as I report a missing delivery in their “support window”. Packages arrive within 3 to 8 weeks. The types of items ordered are home décor, clothing, footwear, tools, large marquees, some electronics, and personal defense items. I really recommend Wish and saved a lot of money. How do I get added? Over the time I bought from Wunschartikel was definitely a scam of the original design, the last item I bought that was not the original, as stated was the Senesto flea and tick collar, they were packed in the right packaging, but the product came from abroad. A Seresto necklace you can buy from a retail supplier At the time of writing, Wish.com has an average rating of 4.2/5 out of 43,835 reviews, 56% of which gave the site a 5/5 rating, according to Trustpilot.

That`s pretty good. Add me I just ordered a few shell necklaces and they all arrived broken and won`t answer my calls This site is a hungry money theifs They are bastards, I bought a drone for one of the kids in my neighborhood who doesn`t have much and found out he only eats twice a day at school, so my son started inviting him over to dinner a few times a week and we wanted to surprise him with this drone and he arrived and it was a copy of the Eachine E58 and I tested it before giving it to him because these lipo batteries are dangerous.