Symbiosis Law School, Pune is a leading institution in the field of legal education. This renowned institution prides itself on developing its students holistically. This development requires exposure outside the classroom, recognizing the importance of internship experiences that, therefore, also shape their students` careers. The main office responsible for managing and executing the internship process at the college is the Student Internship Cell. Kothari started his career at Hariani in 2009 and joined AZB & Partners in 2011 after three years of self-employment. Bhosale began his career at Hariani Pune and joined the International Chamber of Commerce for over a year as Deputy Director of the International Centre for ADR in Paris. Subsequently, as General Counsel, she headed the legal function of the Weikfield Group. Kothari commented in a press release: “Since we are both qualified lawyers and have law firm experience, we thought we should work together professionally (in addition to being married to each other!) and jointly provide effective, efficient, professional and specialized legal services to our clients in a cost-effective manner. These programs place students in law firms, courts, and public interest organizations with the goal of providing hands-on legal experience under the guidance of faculty members, licensed lawyers, and practicing judges. The main objective of internships is to facilitate a smooth transition from academia to the real work environment. More and more law schools require completion of an articling period as a prerequisite for graduation. As the legal field has become more complex and legal employment opportunities have multiplied exponentially, the definition of a “traditional internship” has evolved considerably.

The placement cell allows different types of internship opportunities such as: Attorney General, Avinash Ahlawat Delhi High Court Kothari and Bhosale are both former lawyers of Hariani & Co and have experience in dispute resolution, real estate and corporate practices. Devi Sharan Sinha Dhanbad District Court, Vice President, Dhanbad Bar Council * Women who wish to start/restart their career can also apply. Sr. Adv. Manas Mahapatra Chairman, Orissa State Bar Council From the beginning of the first year of university until a student faints, the placement cell is responsible for supporting and providing internships to students. Working while the student learns helps to discover his areas of interest, possibly through the internship cell that all the agreements of the students with their potential employers are worked out, whether it is internship, PPO or recruitment on campus. The placement cell invites renowned law firms for interviews and recruitment on campus. Following the successful completion of recruitment for the remaining batches, it was decided that the recruitment process for the current group of Symbiosis Law School, Pune, would be carried out on an ongoing basis.

Kamal Narayan Choudhury Senior Deputy General Counsel of Assam Dr. Vaibhav Sonule, (Faculty Coordinator, Placement Cell) We are glad you like this story. Subscribe to one of our plans to keep reading the story. Dr. Anmol Ratan Sidhu Deputy Advocate General of India 2. can start the course between 13 Sep`18 and 13 Oct`18 Sr. Adv. C.D. Singh Permanent Council for Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh Two lawyers based in Pune, Rahul Kothari and Shraddha Bhosale. 1. are available for a full-time (office) internship.

Sr. Adv. Vivek K. Tankha Deputy Attorney General of India Chief Justice G.B. Patnaik Hon`ble Chief Justice of India Sr. Adv. B.K. Kejriwal Member of the Bar Council of North-East Public Prosecuter, Anil Kanti Roy Calcutta High Court. Judge Mohd.

Rafiq Rajasthan High Court Jaipur Bench Sr. Adv. Dr. Adesh Aggarwala Supreme Court of India.