Explore other ways to finance your education with College Rank resources. You will find a variety of scholarship ranking articles. Look at other rankings that weigh the importance of choosing the right college for you. I wanted to attend ROTC as a student, but my college didn`t have an ROTC department, and the closest one was quite far away. However, the first law school I attended was literally right next door to the Virginia Military Institute, which had a strong Army ROTC program. Since I was interested in enlisting in the military (and getting financial support for law school), as a first-year law student, I approached the people in the Army ROTC program at VMI. I have been told that two-year Army ROTC scholarships are available for graduate students, and this could help me in my last two years of law school. One-year college program (OYCP) during your second year of law school However, attending the Army ROTC as a law student could be a great way to minimize the amount of student debt you have to borrow. I have not heard of many law students participating in this program, and that may be because few law students know that they might be eligible for the ROTC graduate scholarships. ROTC cadets participate in military training programs each summer.

This is in addition to their on-campus education during the school year. The program is a four-year full-time commitment that does not end when the scholarship ends. For GLP/OYCP, there is a fairly lengthy interview process where you must interview the commander of your local ROTC department and obtain their permission to participate in the ROTC. The commander writes a memorandum recommending or not recommending you. You will also need to travel to the nearest air base and interview an active JAG officer. The reports of the Commander of the ROTC and the active JAG will then be attached to your application and sent to a review committee for final decision. Applications begin in the fall and selection takes place in the spring, so your entire application period will take several months. Overall, the Army ROTC is probably the surest way to become a lawyer in the armed forces and also has the option of serving as a lawyer in the Army Reserve or National Guard. If accepted to an accredited law school, it is pretty much guaranteed that an Army ROTC cadet will receive an educational delay. You will almost certainly be available as a JAG lawyer on active or reserve duty.

The amortization of service is four years for the Army ROTC Scholarship. There are no scholarships to attend law school in case of academic delay. These benefits do not come without compromise. You must register for active military service. We`ll tell you more about the ROTC program, how it works, and who qualifies, so you can make an informed decision. However, many law students may not be familiar with the fact that law students are eligible to receive ROTC scholarships that cover the final two years of law school. In addition, the military also awards scholarships to law students who accept ROTC scholarships. This option should certainly be considered when considering how to minimize the amount of student loans one must take out to attend law school. The Air Force`s route is somewhat limited by the need to compete for educational backwardness and the fact that it represents only a small portion of the Air Force JAG`s overall mission each year. To be most competitive for law school, an Air Force ROTC Scholar should receive a non-technical scholarship, which is less likely than a technical scholarship.

However, once a training deadline is accepted, the likelihood of joining the JAG Air Force Corps is high. Direct commission during your third year of law school or after graduation There is no current itinerary for a midshipman to visit law school immediately after graduation. I really enjoyed these experiences. It was great to get away from law school from time to time, and it was fun to be with the ROTC cadets. I met a number of local students while participating in the ROTC program, which certainly helped enrich my social life as a first-year law student! In addition, the students repaid me a strange respect, as I was one of the few law students in the group. These experiences showed me that military service could be something I wanted to pursue, so I decided to apply for a scholarship to the Army ROTC Graduate School.