The College Development committee is a statutory body formed as the guidelines laid in The Maharashtra Public Universities Act 2016 with the purview of establishing academic and administrative governance at the Institutional Level.

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Aruna Mukesh Katara Chairperson of the Management
2 Mr. Saikrishna Bennuru Secretary of the Management
3 Dr. Ajitkumar S. Shitole HoD – Nominated
4 Prof. Sarang A. Saoji Representative – Teaching
5 Dr. V. Rajesh Chowdhary Representative – Teaching
6 Dr. Sandeep R. Varpe Representative – Teaching
7 Mr. Pravin D. Patil Representative – Non Teaching
8 Mr. Vishwanath Patil Local Member
9 Mr. Narendar Reddy Local Member
10 Dr. Samita Moolani Local Member
11 Mr. Harsh Ajit Khajgiwale Local Member
12 Dr. S M Mahalakshmi Naidu IQAC Co-ordinator
13 Not Appointed President of College Student Council
14 Not Appointed Secretary of College Student Council
15 Dr. Vaishali V. Patil Member Secretary