Total 2535 sq. mt. area is covered by sports and fitness centers in our college which comprises of ground, basketball court and gym. One will never find this area without any student playing on it apart from college hours and night. This area is not only used for specific activities but many activities like – basketball, football, Cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, kho-kho, Kabaddi, Health related physical fitness activities like running, jogging, walking, Yogic Asanas. Such activities refreshes our students helps them in academics as well by filling ordinance form by zonal representative upgrade their marks. Physical Education being a part of curriculum, the Practice is also carried out in our college campus. Students also participate in Intercollegiate interuniversity sports tournaments for which they practice in campus itself within available sports facilities. Students are encouraged to play by supporting outstanding players with good quality equipment’s. Occasional Events like Yoga Day, National Sports Day are celebrated. Annual events like I²IT Cup, ASKARA are organized. Student’s sports council is also renewed every year. Interested students use Gym for fitness and sports performance. Here are some pictures: