Student Committees

The Student Committees comprise of representatives from all stakeholder groups/student batches and led by senior faculty or staff members of the Institute. The categories of these Committees include Departmental, Technical, Cultural, Social, Sports and such other  Committees as per the interest of the students depending on one or more individuals stepping up to take an active leadership role. The main purpose of these Committees is to ensure harmony across an ample, vibrant,  and  continuous range of campus events and  activities and  that there  is the least possible  conflict in sequencing and  timing amongst the multiple events and  activities that arise  in the course  of an  academic year,  and maximum  involvement  and  engagement of all members of the International Institute of Information  Technology (I²IT) and its respective stakeholder groups.

The LAN Committee promotes interest in IT business applications and works to connect students and others in the area who share similar interests and goals.   This Committee strives to organize ICT related events and activities on campus. The Institute has a full-time Physical Director who is in charge of the Sports Committee. The Sports Committee shows leadership in organizing various sports activities on and off campus; coordinates and promotes participation of students in inter-college sports festivals; plans and organizes financially self-sustainable inter-college sports activities; ensure facilities and equipment are safe, clean, and in good, usable condition at all times.

Departmental Committees

IT Student Association


E&TC Student Association


CE Student Association


FE Student Association


Technical Committees

Computer Society of India (CSI)

LAN Committee

Other Committees

PR Committee

CMC Committee

Social Media Committee

Personality Development Committee

Hostel Disciplinary Committee

Sports Committees

Cultural Committees

NSS Committee