The “I²IT Diaries” is a series of V-logs and notes wherein the I Square IT Family of students, faculty, alumni and well wishers share their personal musings about how they are faring during this national crisis. Here’s how we stay connected, show care and do the best we can for each other.

I²IT Diaries- Shubham Varma BE Comp

I²IT Diaries- Sudhanshu Kulkarni – BE Comp

I²IT Diaries- Akshay Biradar – BE Comp

Preparing for the career ahead, Akshay chose to take up Machine Learning through online courses.  Because he plans to pursue his Masters in Data Science and eventually become a Data Scientist, Akshay is utilizing this time to hone skills that will help him in the come years.

I²IT Diaries- Shreyash Borse (FE Comp)

Being a First Year Engineering student, Shreyash says he is keen to learn more about his domain which is why he is using this time to learn Python Programming, something that he likes doing and will be helpful in the coming academic years.

I²IT Diaries- Rohit Singh (I²IT Alumnus)

As a Technical Support Engineer at Nice, Rohit believes in balancing his professional and personal life. Alongside his work he makes time to pursue his PG in Data Science and plans to enrol for his Masters soon.

I²IT Diaries- Kirti (SE-IT)

“While taking care of one’s family and self, it is important that we care for birds and stray animals as well; they could be helpless with our generosity.”

I²IT Diaries- Saif Lakhani (I²IT Alumnus)

Besides working from home and contributing to open source by creating an App, Saif spends time upgrading his skills and really looks forward to a good restaurant-made meal once the lockdown lifts.

I²IT Diaries- Rakshita Shettigar (BE-Comp)

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are searching for ways to stay entertained. I’ve considered taking up a long lost hobby of mine, Painting.

Engaging my time with canvas and paints helps me kill time and reduces mental stress. I’ve been brushing up my skills and experimenting on fabric, glassware, clay and ceramics and even if the finished result isn’t a masterpiece and it really is something. It’s important to prioritize the day for our well-being.

I²IT Diaries- Dr. Vaishali Patil, Principal, I²IT

“Paradigm shift towards blended learning” is what we see in the current situation. Dr. Patil addresses the emphasis on online teaching/learning combined with virtual labs and simulation tools as the upcoming benchmarks of higher education.


I²IT Diaries- Nishant Dalvi (BE-Comp)

Lockdown has been treating all of us either in a good or in a bad way. But what’s important is that we maintain our calm and follow the safety measures. Hence, I’ve taken up a few tasks and responsibilities so that I can help out at home, during these tough times.I mop the entire house everyday, indulge in deep cleaning periodically, water the plants and assist my family in any other chore.

Apart from this, everyone in my family ensures that we follow the norms and take necessary precautions without fail.

Stay healthy. Stay Safe.

I²IT Diaries- Tanmay Patil (BE-IT)

What Tanmay misses most about college is the campus life – the lectures, the practical sessions, sharing lunch with friends, the peaceful ambience of the library, interactions with faculty and staff. If you are missing campus too, Tanmay says relive those moments through the old photographs.

Let’s hope to meet soon!

I²IT Diaries-  “A Helping Hand”- Mohan Swaminathan, I²IT Family Member

Through the St. Ignatius Church at Khadki, Mohan and his fellow volunteers, cook lunch for around 400 – 500 people daily and distribute it among the Range Hills Railway Line Construction labourers. They even send food packets to the Khadki Police Station. A true Corona Warrior!!

I²IT Diaries- Pearl Swaminathan (BE-Comp)

Pearl calls this situation a wakeup call to all of us to slow down, concentrate on our health and grow by learning something new. If there is one thing that we all have learnt, it’s that we all can avoid unnecessary expenses and live life in simplicity.

I²IT Diaries- Yamini Iyengar – I²IT Alumnus (Batch of 2019)

Working from home has become the new normal for Yamini; but she finds time to attend Toastmasters Meeting, catch up on her reading and spend time with her dogs. In her words – “Make the best of this time”.

I²IT Diaries- Ishita Rai (TE- E&TC)

Encouraging and being upbeat even during such critical times, Ishita shares how she has utilized this personal time to indulge in things that she couldn’t earlier. She calls this her “Boon Time” – as should all of us!

I²IT Diaries-  Jahanvi Mehariya – BE Comp

“Lifestyle has changed drastically, as people are staying indoors, we get to spend more quality time with the family. Earlier we didn’t get time for our hobbies, now we have all the time in the world.
I tried my hand at cooking, writing, drawing and reading novels. We can explore what we are good at, during this time. So I just want to tell everyone that don’t be discouraged, think of this this as a blessing in disguise, a blessing to pursue the things you love.
What I miss the most about campus ?
Well there are a lot of things I miss but to name a few, bunking lectures and roaming around the campus with friends, wasting time gossiping in the canteen, watching fun videos in library under the excuse of group study . Standing in the long queue near the stationery shop during submissions. To sum it up, even the most trivial things are being missed because nothing can replace the memories we shared and the exciting campus life.
They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Well truth be told, you knew what you had, you just thought you would never lose it. Reality is harsh so let’s face it. We never appreciated our work, attending college everyday etc. and now that we don’t get to do that anymore, we crib.
Here’s a tip…either waste time cribbing over the things you once had or utilize the time for doing the things you never had time for before…grab a book start reading…go onto the internet find some mouth-watering recipes and start cooking…have fun with your family because when life goes back to normal.. we would be cribbing for different things like not getting this time for hobbies or with family.”

I²IT Diaries-  Adesh Patwardhan, Head Corporate Relations

An extremely positive and optimistic person that he is, Adesh speaks about how important it is that we all keep our cool, explore opportunities online and do the best we can in this crisis. In his words, “We Will All Come Out Winners At the End of the Day!”