Hope Foundation’s International Institute of Information Technology (I²IT) offers several financial support schemes by way of scholarships, fee waiver and concession schemes, teaching and research assistance, financial assistance for entrepreneurial development etc. to meritorious and deserving students. Nurturing excellence is the underlying philosophy of I²IT. It is our endeavor to ensure that constraints like financial background don’t deny a student his / her right to excel and find his / her place under the sun.

Student Merit Scholarships and Patron Awards also form part of the financial support scheme of I²IT. It is an endeavor to provide opportunities to students who have the potential to become the innovators and leaders of tomorrow but cannot fulfill their educational ambitions due to financial constraints. Student Merit Scholarships and Patron Awards promise the dream of many students to reality. Excellence in Academics,  Innovations,  Entrepreneurial Development etc. are also some of the financial support schemes which are created and awarded to the deserving students for every academic year and on the basis of need as well as merit.

In addition to merit scholarships, fee concessions and fee waivers, several other categories of awards are instituted every year comprising of Academic  Excellence Awards, Patron  Awards, Technical Awards, Cultural  Awards, Social Awards, Sports Awards and the like for the benefit of the student community.

The Institute initiates the Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil ‘Earn and  Learn’ scheme under the purview of Savitribai Phule Pune University. This scheme facilitates the students to earn while they learn by undertaking various Technical and Office work at the Institute Campus. The students receive an appropriate remuneration for their contribution as per the University norms.

For more details regarding the financial support policy, please contact the student section of the Institute. Policy Details..

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