Department of Information Technology (IT)

Department Vision & Mission


♦To be recognized as an ingenious department that provides value-added education with technology excellence to transform students into lifelong learners and ethical professionals.


♦ To provide excellent academics with positive atmosphere in the domain of Information Technology.

♦ To impart new technologies with innovative and interactive teaching learning

♦ To encourage students for higher studies, skilled professionals and future entrepreneur.

♦ To groom the students with ethical and social values


Information Technology (IT) has become one of the most powerful drivers of our economy. It plays an important role in convergence of computing and communication applications to satisfy the demands of customers. The Department of IT at I²IT imparts an outstanding educational opportunity for those planning to pursue a career or gain in-depth knowledge in Computing Technology. Keeping pace with the IT era, the Course Curriculum covers an exhaustive realm of fields like Operating Systems, System Programming, Finite Automata Theory, Computer Graphics, Database Management Systems, Software Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Artificial and Machine Intelligence. To facilitate and support this learning, facilities and infrastructure are provided across various laboratories such as Data Structures Lab, Networking Lab, Database Lab, Electronic Circuits and Logic Design Lab, Artificial Intelligence Lab etc.

The Department of Information Technology at International Institute of Information Technology (I²IT) is recognized for its motivated faculty members who are vibrant and work with enthusiasm.  With a focus on student centric learning, the faculty members ensure that they keep themselves abreast of latest technologies, industry requirements as well as knowledge-upgradation via MOOC and/or other online courses.  Some of the most popular specializations among students of the department are domains like IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Distributed System.

Highlights of the Department

♦ Academic planning and monitoring through well-organized academic structure

♦ Students’ concern and overall progress overseen and taken care by mentors

♦ Students’ career development is done through regular T&P sessions, add-on courses and career guidance activities

♦ Awareness and motivation for social concern through active participation in students’ association activities, NSS and other social organizations

♦ Overall development of students through ACM Student chapter activities

♦ Interaction with parents through parent-teacher meets

♦ Strong alumni network that is enhanced through Alumni Meets

♦ Support and motivation given to students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to showcase their talents