Capability Enhancement Schemes


Career Counselling

There are a number of factors that influence career development of students, including their interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances. Through various Career Counselling sessions Institute provides this platform to students that will help them to know and understand themselves and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. The goal of Career Counselling is to not only help students make the decisions they need to make now, but to give them the knowledge and skills they will need to make future career and life decisions. The Training and Placement Cell as well as Departments organize such sessions time to time to provide guidance to students.

Academic Year Name of Activity Organized By
2017-2018 Career Planning Session CII-Yi CII Yi
2017-2018 Opportunities in Japan Training & Placement Cell
2017-2018 EduTour to USA Training & Placement Cell
2017-2018 Guest lecture “Contemporary Quality aspects in Industry’’ Business Ethics Foundation
Dhananjay M.Apte
Training & Placement Cell
2017-2018 Digital Marketing Automation Training & Placement Cell
2017-2018 Industry Expectations & Interview Skills by Mr. Amit Innani Boundless Satisfaction, Pune Department of Computer Engineering
2017-18 Journey from Academic to Industry by Mr. Amol Aher, Kasnet Technologies, Pune Department of Computer Engineering
2016-2017 Startup Mantra Training & Placement Cell
2016-2017 Employability Skills for Industry Training & Placement Cell
2016-2017 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop Training & Placement Cell
2016-2017 Overview of SAP Business Suite by Mr. Moreshwar of Gen Next Training & Placement Cell
2016-2017 Guest lecture World  Wide Web Consortium” by Mr. Mahesh Kulkarni WWW Consortium Office India Training & Placement Cell
2015-2016 Career Opportunities in Indian Air Force by Wing Commander Anupam Bhoga Training & Placement Cell
2015-2016 Entrepreneurship Development Program Entrepreneurship Development Cell
2015-2016 Approach Towards Research Training & Placement Cell
2014-2015 Importance of SMAC Training & Placement Cell
2014-2015 Placement Workshop conducted by Senior Consultants from organizations like Capgemini & Atos on campus Training & Placement Cell
2013-2014 Career guidance by Saagar Srivastava, Technical Consultant, Red Hat Training & Placement Cell
2013-2014 In conversation with Ankit Fadia Training & Placement Cell

Soft Skills

Along with the academic excellence other factors like character traits, attitudes, and behaviours also influence student success. To enhance the soft skills of students Institute has signed a MoU with Gyanteerth. Every week each 2 to 4 hours sessions are conducted for SE, TE and BE students to impart the techniques for soft skill development. Also sessions like Barclays Youth Employability Initiative are conducted on campus to provide students guidance by professional.

Academic Year Name of Activity Organized By
2017-2018 Soft Skills Development by Gyanteerth Training & Placement Cell
2016-2017 Life Skills – Stress free life Training & Placement Cell
2016-2017 Image Management Training & Placement Cell
2016-2017 Soft Skills Development by Gyanteerth Training & Placement Cell
2016-2017 Building Leadership muscle Training & Placement Cell
2015-2016 Personality Development & Hypnotism Training & Placement Cell
2015-2016 Barclays Youth Employability Initiative Training & Placement Cell

Guidance for Competitive Examinations

Numerous competitive exams in India and abroad are conducted for entrance into post graduate professional courses as well as for securing services in the government. The test formats and subjects vary according to the level of the test. Competitive exams are tough, with lakhs of aspirants appearing for a limited number of seats. The Institute arranges various seminars and guest lectures from time to time to encourage the students to prepare for Competitive Examinations.

Academic Year Name of Activity Organized By
2017-2018 “GATE -2019 Course Overview & its Benefits for PSU Employment Opportunities” by Mr Laxman Ayyar, Technogrowth Solutions conducted on 15th January 2018 Department of Information Technology
Guidance for Competitive Examination by Vaibhav Shrivastava & Mr. Gopal Khanzode from Made Easy conducted on 14th July 2017 Department of Electronics and Telecommunication
“Essentials of Overseas Education” by Mr. Nilanjan Dasgupta Imperial Consultancy conducted on 2nd April, 2018 Department of Information Technology
2016-2017 Gate Awareness Session by Imperial Institute of Excellence by Mr. Paresh Gugale and Mr. Alok Chopda conducted on 3rd January, 2017 Department of Electronics and Telecommunication
2015-2016 Post Graduate Research Opportunities in Hong Kong Training & Placement Cell