The Information  and Communication Technologies (ICT) and its infrastructure  support  have become an integral part of our existence and learning experiences in all aspects  of life. ICT has fundamentally changed the systems and processes of nearly all forms of enterprises within their business activities and governance. The presence of ICT in the education and research domains / sectors has made a substantial impact in the last several years and it is virtually at par with the other functional fields. With the entire world moving very rapidly into digital media  and  other niche areas of technology, the role of ICT in education is becoming more and more significant and this significance will continue to foster and advance in the 21st century.

The ICT infrastructure  of the Institute would definitely contribute in transforming the delivery quality of the teaching and learning process activities and  seeks to explore the impact it would make  for a much more effective way the academic programmes would be offered and delivered in the years to come.

The International Institute of Information  Technology (I²IT) continues  to strive towards  maintaining a sustainable ICT enabled  environment and  serve  to  provide  the  resourceful  means of infrastructure for the  benefit  of the  student community and their academic and research activities to realize the potential it holds.

ERP Software Implementation

In order  to provide  automated, authentic  and  accurate information and  services  for the  overall management and administration of the Institute activities, a complete cloud based Institute Management ERP Solution (WEBDESK) is being implemented from the Academic Year 2018 – 19. Webdesk  provides a source of information and offers modules with robust features needed for Student, Parents, Faculty, Staff and the Management of the Institute.

Some  of  the  key modules that  the Webdesk  ERP Solution  would  provide  includes  Admission Management, Fee Management, Examination Management, Faculty Allocation and  Course  Plan, Student Attendance, Students / Parents Login, Library Module, Teaching Feedback etc. for  the efficient, effective and  errorless dissemination of  various information and services to all stake holders of the Institute.

ERP Software implementation