Board of Student Development Section looks after the protection of rights and supervises the welfare activities of the students. The committee promotes and co-ordinates different students’ activities for better corporate life and tries to nurture students’ mental, physical, cultural growth with various activities to improve their overall personality development and to make them civilized Indian citizens to compete in the globalized world.

Board of Student Development Section undertakes the following prominent activities :

a) The main objective of the scheme is to develop a student as a multifaceted personality with academic excellence and a commitment to an egalitarian society.

b) It inculcates in the student the idea that no work is big or small and develops a work culture with the right aptitude.

c) This is a vision of keeping our youth gainfully employed as well as to contribute from civil society. This is a paradigm shift in the way we see higher education. This will make higher education accessible and available to the poor, meritorious and the marginalized.

d) Under this scheme those students who are interested in joining are to fill the necessary application form, which is then scrutinized by an appropriate committee. The list of students who have been finally enrolled in the scheme are to be sent to the Director, Board of Students’ Welfare

e) The students enrolled under the scheme are given the following types of work namely-That increase their skills in areas of their study, office work, technical work and field work. However when the distribution of work is given it is seen that all students get equal opportunity to get all different kinds of work and that each student gets eighty percent of technical work and twenty percent of fieldwork. Office work includes working at the Library or any other office of the institute.

This Program includes

  • Learning skill that will help in developing self-defence
  • Addressing medical problems in young women
  • Organizing seminars on various types of cyber crimes and how to be aware and cautious

This Program includes imparting training in Spoken English, how to appear professional at an interview and sessions on personality development. Basically, these programmes help develop good and effective communication skills among students helping them put their best foot forward.

A Workshop related to industrial practical knowledge was hosted on campus. The trainers imparted very profound and relevant knowledge on computer hardware; that will help students professionally.

Students safety insurance scheme, known as “Unforeseen Calamity Scheme” has been introduced by the Institute in which students who need immediate financial help in case of any sort of mishap should contact the Principal, Director or Head who in turn will inform the Director, Board of Students’ Welfare about the incident and the financial assistance required. The Director, Board of Students’ Welfare can then arrange for immediate payment of the approved amount.

The Institute is also a training ground for students to develop skills of good governance. Hence elections are organized to help them practice these skills and learn the skill of representation. As per the Maharashtra Universities Act, (M.U.A.) 1994 section 40, Students’ Council is to established every year during the first term. As per clause 3 of Section 40 (3) of the said M.U. Act, 1994 each college / institute has to elect one university representative.

Prof. Mahesh Waghmare
Student Welfare Officer