When I ask anybody what his/her understanding of the term “learning” is, I get so many different answers. Some say, getting new things, information, knowledge, skills, experience, view, behaviour, opinion, perspective or visualization and many more. Wikipedia, terms learning as the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing, knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, or preferences. \ […]

Neural Networks (NN) Basics And Neuron Activation Functions

Neural networks are adaptive learning systems, inspired by the biological neural systems. These may be trained with input-output data or may operate in a self-organizing mode. The basic block in an NN is the mathematical model of a neuron as in Eqn. 1. Three fundamental components of a neuron are the connection links that provide […]

Experience Teaches Everything

“We are the sum total of our experience. Those experiences, be they positive or negative make us the person we are, at any given point in our lives.” – B. J. Neblett. Knowledge comes from learning; but ‘experience’ comes from living. A life without problems and challenges is like a school without lessons. Teaching was […]

Fun + Mathematics = Recreational Mathematics

Mathematics is a constantly improving branch of knowledge. It is influencing our day-to-day life;however, commoners do not understand its impact. Most people think that mathematics is a branch of knowledge that includes only techniques of calculation of numbers and of shapes and sizes of various objects. The general impression is that mathematics is difficult to […]

COVID-19 and the Impact on the Environment

As per the latest reports by the World Health Organisation, there is near about 20 lakh COVID-19 cases reported across the world so far, with a little over 1,26,776  deaths. In short, the corona virus has affected people’s life irrespective of their social and economic condition. In the thick of all the gloom and doom, there […]

Flood Forecasting and Warning System

Introduction: – The flood can occur anywhere after heavy rain. Flood forecasting sufficiently in advance enables a warning to be given to the people likely to be affected and further enable authorities to take appropriate precautionary measures. It thus forms a very important and relatively inexpensive non-structural flood management measure, however, it must be realized […]


Smart Grid and its Challenges:- The growing consumer demand of electric energy every day and the aging transmission and distribution power grid infrastructure in India is causing new challenges for engineers. In recent years, domestic as well as industrial consumers are using more and more computers, servers, communication equipment, process control equipment, sophisticated machinery and […]

The Struggle for Virtue

The word STRUGGLE has come to have a negative meaning. But according to me every struggle is victory.  It’s never easy to be great. If it were, everything would be amazing and easy and eventually have no worth there is no shortcut to achievement. To be able to stay the course and be committed and […]

Life Without Electricity – Can you imagine?

Electricity is an integral part of the modern lifestyle.  We are completely dependent on uninterrupted power supply to power our gadgets, appliances, healthcare, education, you name it and that requires electricity. The basic requirements for human survival used to be food, clothing and shelter but today electricity and internet have been added to that survival […]

Yoga Enhances Professional Performance – Can It?

Yoga is a science and a discipline that has been handed down to us by seers and mystics who developed techniques to enhance our physical and mental agility.  It is said that the practice of Yoga brings flexibility to the spine and joints, keeps the muscles of the body pliable and youthful, increases circulation of […]

Space Weather & Solar Cycle

January 22, 2020 Space weather which is governed by solar activities is the key cause of Sun-Earth interaction system. The Sun-Earth interaction significantly affects the magnetosphere- ionosphere- thermosphere system leading to diverse physical phenomena. The earth’s ionosphere is highly affected with the space weather events such as Coronal mass ejections, geomagnetic storms, solar winds and […]

GPS Datasets for Space Research

January 22, 2020 Many Space agencies across the globe have launched satellites in particular to observe and understand the changes happening on the surface of the sun. Many instruments specifically for measuring various parameters have been orbited through these space agencies. To understand the dynamics of Sun and the related activities and to derive the […]