Is this a chandelier?  Is it a multi-tiered capsule? It’s a computer – a Quantum […]

Slow and Steady DOES NOT Win The Race

The world of today does not belong to the proverbial Tortoise that slowly crawls to the finish line; rather it belongs to the Rabbit that can hop, skip and jump in tandem with the needs of the customers. It is no longer the bigger taking over the smaller; but it is the faster over taking […]

If Christopher Columbus Had Google Maps!

Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta, Vasco de Gama, Amerigo Vespusi, Christopher Columbus all explored the world to know more and find better travel routes.  But they largely relied on astronomical positions in the sky to steer their vessels.  We may have come a long way technologically; but we still rely on the skies – on our [...]

Meditation Helpful in Covid19 Pandemic

Meditation is a technique that is being followed since ancient days.  The sages (rishis) of ancient India used to meditate and practice yoga with the primary purpose of achieving their final goal – self-realization. Nowadays, meditation is being used for secondary benefits like getting rid of stress related problems, disorders related to the mind, improve […]

Education today – Beyond the Classroom

As the world is battling one of the worst pandemic, it is important that teachers look beyond the obvious teaching methods and incorporate innovative ways to help the learners. But are these technologies really working for students?  I am a teacher anda mother. Like me, many teachers around the world are finding newer ways to […]


When I ask anybody what his/her understanding of the term “learning” is, I get so many different answers. Some say, getting new things, information, knowledge, skills, experience, view, behaviour, opinion, perspective or visualization and many more.  Wikipedia, terms learning as the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing, knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, or preferences. As […]

Research is For Geeks

Most people associate research with socially misfit, unkempt, eccentric, absent-minded professors.  Then what about Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and so many others who started young and invested themselves in changing the status quo? Inventions are born out of Inspiration and Research. Research is at the core of any invention, discovery or [...]

Voice Based Smart Cleaner Using Raspberry Pi

Abstract: Robots have become an integral part of 21st century due to their excessive use in industries, household, hotels and offices. Now-a-days robots are also been used for household applications like cleaning purpose, security purpose etc. Cleaning is an important factor for healthy living and hygiene but due to lack of time it is being […]

Neural Networks (NN) Basics And Neuron Activation Functions

Neural networks are adaptive learning systems, inspired by the biological neural systems. These may be trained with input-output data or may operate in a self-organizing mode. The basic block in an NN is the mathematical model of a neuron as in Eqn. 1. Three fundamental components of a neuron are the connection links that provide […]

Experience Teaches Everything

“We are the sum total of our experience. Those experiences, be they positive or negative make us the person we are, at any given point in our lives.” – B. J. Neblett. Knowledge comes from learning; but ‘experience’ comes from living. A life without problems and challenges is like a school without lessons. Teaching was […]

Neural Network Models and Classification

There are several types of neural network models with various features developed for variety of applications. A single neuron with linear activation function as in Eqn. 1,three fundamental components of it are the connection links that provide the inputs with weights for  = 1,…, , an adder that sums all the weighted inputs to prepare […]

Fun + Mathematics = Recreational Mathematics

Mathematics is a constantly improving branch of knowledge. It is influencing our day-to-day life;however, commoners do not understand its impact. Most people think that mathematics is a branch of knowledge that includes only techniques of calculation of numbers and of shapes and sizes of various objects. The general impression is that mathematics is difficult to […]