Navigating the Technological Frontier: The Future of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers in India

In the fast-paced realm of technology, the future of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers in India is brimming with unprecedented opportunities and innovation. With the Indian government’s ambitious vision to establish the country as a global semiconductor hub and the rapid advancements in telecommunication technology, the stage is set for E&TC engineers to play a pivotal […]

Igniting Innovation: The Role of Research Centers in Fostering Technological Advancement

In the era of Make in India and burgeoning global recognition, the imperative to foster indigenous innovation has never been more crucial. India’s journey towards becoming a developed nation hinges on the ingenuity and creativity of its youth, propelled by a conducive environment that nurtures research and development. Among the vanguards of this movement stands […]

Nurturing Future Leaders Professional Development Opportunities at I²IT

In today’s competitive job market, academic excellence alone is no longer sufficient to ensure success. Employers seek candidates who possess not only strong technical skills but also a range of soft skills, leadership qualities, and real-world experience. Recognizing the importance of preparing students for the demands of the professional world, International Institute of Information Technology, […]

Fostering Student Diversity – A Spotlight on International Institute of Information Technology (I²IT)

In today’s interconnected world, diversity in education plays a pivotal role in shaping holistic learning experiences and preparing students for the dynamic global landscape. At International Institute of Information Technology (I2IT), situated in Pune, India, we believe that I2ITstands as a beacon of inclusive education, embracing diversity in all its forms. From cultural backgrounds to […]

Unveiling the Essence of Excellence: Why I²IT Reigns Supreme in Education

In the bustling city of Pune, amidst the cacophony of educational institutions, one name shines brightly as a beacon of excellence: International Institute of Information Technology, fondly known as I Square IT (I²IT) . For students embarking on their educational journey and parents seeking the best for their children, I²IT stands out as more than […]


Very often, as academicians, we come across these questions: “Are your students, industry ready ?” “How well are they trained to take up careers in industry ?” “What additional skill sets did they acquire during their undergraduate years ?” “Can they work on live projects ?” “What makes them different from graduates from other institutions?” [...]


As a child, we all asked a million questions about everything – Why is the sky black?  How do we not fall from the earth?  Why 2 and 2 equals 4?  Why are apples red? How babies are born? Where does the sun go at night? We all had a barrage of questions for our [...]

A Success Story at Pralhad P Chhabria Research Center

In India, the chasm between industry and academia has always been a bane and there have been little to no efforts to bridge this gap making both entities grow apart further.  The effect of this outcome often impacts students’ careers. In March 2020, we at PPCRC tried something unique. Our team comprising of faculty and [...]


When I ask anybody what his/her understanding of the term “learning” is, I get so many different answers. Some say, getting new things, information, knowledge, skills, experience, view, behaviour, opinion, perspective or visualization and many more. Wikipedia, terms learning as the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing, knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, or preferences. \ […]

Neural Networks (NN) Basics And Neuron Activation Functions

Neural networks are adaptive learning systems, inspired by the biological neural systems. These may be trained with input-output data or may operate in a self-organizing mode. The basic block in an NN is the mathematical model of a neuron as in Eqn. 1. Three fundamental components of a neuron are the connection links that provide […]

Experience Teaches Everything

“We are the sum total of our experience. Those experiences, be they positive or negative make us the person we are, at any given point in our lives.” – B. J. Neblett. Knowledge comes from learning; but ‘experience’ comes from living. A life without problems and challenges is like a school without lessons. Teaching was […]

Fun + Mathematics = Recreational Mathematics

Mathematics is a constantly improving branch of knowledge. It is influencing our day-to-day life;however, commoners do not understand its impact. Most people think that mathematics is a branch of knowledge that includes only techniques of calculation of numbers and of shapes and sizes of various objects. The general impression is that mathematics is difficult to […]