Department of Engineering Sciences (First Year)

Lab Facilities


Laboratory Incharge : Prof. Madhuri  Reddy
Location of Laboratory : C 15
Area of Laboratory : 70 Sq. m
Laboratory resources :Dumpy Level,Auto Level, Digital Planimeter, Geographical Positioning System (GPS),Steel tapes, Electronic Distance Meter,(EDM),Prismatic Compass, Vernier Theodolite,Models of foundations etc


Laboratory Incharge : Prof. Rakhi Wagh
Location of Laboratory : C 14
Area of Laboratory : 70 Sq. m
Laboratory resources : Model of Babcock and Wilcox Boiler, Model of Lancashire Boiler, Cut – Section Model of 2 – Stroke Petrol Engine, Cut – Section Model of 4 – Stroke Petrol Engine,  Cut – Section Model of 4 – Stroke Diesel Engine, Model of Muff Coupling, Model of Flange Coupling, Model of Flexible Coupling, Model of Hooke’s Coupling, Model of Oldham’s Coupling, Model of Spur Gear, Model of Bevel Gear, Model of Spiral Gear, Model of Helical Gear, Model of Worm Gear, Model of Rack and Pinion, Model of Keys (Set of 5 Keys), Bearing Set – Ball, Roller, Taper, Thrust, Four Bar Link Mechanism, Experimental verification of effect of insulating material on Heat Transfer, Model of Split Muff Coupling


Laboratory Incharge : Prof. Yogiraj Deshmukh
Location of Laboratory : A – 4
Area of Laboratory : 143.40 Sq.M.
Laboratory resources :Rectangular Prism, Triangular Prism, Square Prism, Pentagonal Prism, Hexagonal Prism, Rectangular Pyramid, Triangular Pyramid, Square Pyramid, Pentagonal Pyramid, Hexagonal Pyramid, Cube 20 X 20 Cm, Cone, Cone Cut In Four Sections, Sphere 15 Cm, Cylinder, Model of Planes -Triangle, Circle, Rectangle, Square, Semicircle, Hexagon, Pentagon, Two cylinders of Different Diameters penetrating each other at Right Angles, A Cone And Cylinder with penetration at Right Angles, Two cones at Right Angles, Two Square Prisms of different sizes at Right Angles, Sphere and Cone at Center, Sphere and Cylinder eccentric, Sphere and Cylinder at center, Geometrical, Insrument Box (Wooden)


Laboratory Incharge : Prof. Yogiraj Deshmukh
Location of Laboratory : Workshop
Area of Laboratory : 200 Sq.M.
Laboratory resources :Carpentry Vice – Unique (326) 9″, Wood Turning Lathe (1/2 HP, 3 Phase) With Bed, Vernier Height Gauge (12″) Make (Yuri),Bench Fitting Vice – Unique (5″), HSS Drill Set (1 – 13mm) (Box), V- Block (4 * 3 * 3″) non magnetic with clamp, Surface Plate (24″ * 24″), Hand Operated Shearing Machine – Geared Capacity – 5mm, 300mm blade, Welding Machine 300 Amp, 415/230V, Swage Block 24″ X 24″, Anvil 100 Kg, Blacksmithy Furnace (1 X 1 X 1 M) in M.S. Frame (40 X 40 X 5 mm) M. S. Sheet shrouding for exhaust gas collector, with fire brick and electrical blower, Hydraulic Power Hacksaw Machine – 1 HP, 3 Phase, R/F Switch, V – Belt, Bench Grinder (1/2 HP), Cut – off Machine (14″), Portable Grinder (4″), Portable Drill Machine – 13mm KPT, 4 1/2 Feet Lathe Machine with accessories, Power Drilling Machine – 1/2 Hp, Vernier Caliper 6″, Micrometer 0.25 mm, Pipe Vice (2.5″), Pipe Bending Machine with 4 dies



Laboratory Incharge : Prof. (Dr.) Sandeep Varpe
Location of Laboratory : C-17
Area of Laboratory : 95.5 Sq.M.
Laboratory resources : Hall Effect Trainer ,  Ultrasonic Measurement Lab., Semiconductor energy band Gap measurement,  Half Shade Polarimeter,  Newton ring Apparatus, Resolving Power of Telescope


Laboratory Incharge : Dr. Smita Kavalgikar
Location of Laboratory : C 14
Area of Laboratory : 66.06 Sq. m
Laboratory resources :Distillation Unit, Muffle Furnace, pH Meter with Magnetic Stirrer, Distillation Unit, Oven with Electronic Controller, Digital Conductivity Meter, Digital Electronic Balance, Deluxe Photo Calorimeter