Department of Computer Engineering (CE)

Computer Engineering Students Association (CESA)

  1. In sense of Technical, Managerial and Social activities.
  2. A great platform to get support for projects and innovative ideas and organizing workshops.
  1. To develop programming skills,management skills as well as other technical skills
  2. To develop teamwork skills and to encourage students to bring forth their leadership qualities.

How to develop student’s under MSP ?

  1. Various workshops, events, expert lectures and social activities will be conducted.
  2. Funds will be provided to needy students to express and execute their idea.

Faculty Coordinator – Prof. Prashant Gadakh

• Chairman – Amit Kumar (BE Comp)
• Co-Chairman – Arvind Renjan (BE Comp)
• Treasurer – Deepti Prasad (TE Comp)
• Secretary – Hulasi Khinvasara (TE Comp)
• Technical Lead – Soham Banerjee(BE Comp)
• Strategic Planner – Rakshita Shettigar (TE-Comp)

  1. Organize and host workshops / hackathons
  2. Help the group grow and nurture a community of students and faculty on-campus and online
  3. Work alongside Microsoft professionals, assisting them during hackathons and events
  4. Join exclusive Microsoft training events to learn the latest technologies
  5. Grow and nurture a community of students and faculty on-campus and online
  6. Enhance their skills and career opportunities
  7. Get amazing jobs

I²IT CESA- Computer Engineering Student CESA Workshops 2018-2019.

  • • Workshop on Advanced Java
  • • Guest Lecture on “Principles of Object Oriented Programming”
  • • Workshop on Basics of Python
  • • Guest Lecture on “Internet of Things”
  • • Guest Lecture on “Block Chain Technology”

I²IT CESA- Computer Engineering Student Association C Workshop , 27-29th June 2017.

Programming Basics and C Basics
– Condition, Looping, Branching and Functions
– Pointers, arrays and strings, structure and union
and much more…
This C workshop was conducted in collaboration with Avidsangam and in presence of good coordinator and volunteers and adroit mentors like Amol Patil, Sudarshan Sardar and Chinmay Shah. Some of the fascinating moments …


I²IT- CESA organises Inaugeral function and Welcome party for Second year students of Computer Engineering Department.

Head of Department Dr. Sashikala Mishra and Alumni Meghana Sadawarte Inaugerated the event and HoD gave introduction to students about department. Meghana motivated students about her experience in the industry and enlightened the young minds. After that students has arranged different games for the young and techie minds like mad ads, team buils and technical quiz… Department found Mr. Techuie and Ms. Techie from the new batch. The event is Host by All TE Computer students and coordinated by Prof. Aniket Joshi.


Student Testimonials