Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

Question: What is the difference between BE &B.Tech.?

Answer: Practically nothing. BE is Bachelor of Engineering & B.Tech. is Bachelor of Technology. In Maharashtra most of the
universities have named the engineering course as BE while IIT’s & few autonomous institutes like COE, Pune have named their
programmes as B.Tech.

Question: Is it necessary to give CET for taking an admission to engineering college in Maharashtra?

Answer: Absolutely. If you are seeking admission to engineering colleges (except IIT’s) approved by All India Council for
Technical Education i.e. AICTE then you would have to appear for the CET exam.

Question: Can a student from Nagpur take admission to a college in Pune?

Answer: Of course yes. But that student has to apply under 30% quota of CAP seats earmarked for students from other
universities. However student from other universities can also compete for 100% seats in Autonomous colleges like COE, Pune or
VIT, Pune.

Question: What is important, Branch or College?

Answer: if you are clear about your branch selection then college selection becomes secondary but if you are unsure about which
branch to select or are confused between 2 or 3 branches or are ready to take up any branch then do give preference for good
college (Good college require high CET score).

Question: Are there any seats reserved for female candidates?

Answer: 30% seats in every branch of engineering are reserved for female candidates.

Question: How to claim seats under management quota?

Answer: For management level admissions, you need to apply directly to one of the un-aided non-minority engineering college
directly (there is no management quota in Government or Govt. aided Engg. Colleges). There are 20% seats available with such
college management.

Question: Can one apply with CET score as well as AIEEE score at the same time?

Answer: Yes. AIEEE students can apply for 15% quota while CET students can apply for 65% seats. If you have given MHT-CET as
well as AIEEE you can apply for both the quota seats in asingle option form.At the end of a particular CAP round, you will be
allotted -the better option between both at the end of particular CAP round.

Question: What is an autonomous institute?

Answer: Autonomous institutes are designated few institutes which has been allotted complete autonomy in terms of designing
syllabus, conducting examinations and making other operational decisions. We have the following Autonomous institutes in
Maharashtra – College of Engineering, Pune, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, VJTI, Mumbai, Walchand College of Engg,,
Sangli, UICT, Mumbai, SGGIE&T,Nanded among others. These institutes have a proven track record of educational excellence; so
the competition to get into these colleges is tough.

Question: Is it risky to get admission into engineering during economic recession?

Answer: You have got 4 years to enter into Job Market. During these 4 years, you need to concentrate on excelling in your
academics to improve your recruitment chances and definitely hope for a better tomorrow.