The ultimate  objective  of an  academic library  is to fulfil the  information needs  of its stakeholders such  as  faculty members, students, research scholars as well as support staff with the predominant sources of information and services. As library is presumed as the heart of an academic institution; the overall health of the parent institution depends on it. To commensurate the same, I²IT library holds the rich collection of more than 10,300 text as well as reference books in the domain of Electronics, Telecommunication, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Applied Sciences, General Management, Philosophy,  Fiction,  Non-Fiction,  Religion,  Self-Help,  Travel,  etc.  The  collection  comprises   of  print documents such as Books, Research Journals, Technical Magazines, Project Reports, Question Papers  etc.; whereas E- Books, E-Journals, E-Databases and CDs/DVDs hosts the electronic information resources collection. The Digital Library facility  comprises   of  10   workstations  with  campus-wide  network   connection,  Wi-Fi connectivity  confirms   an uninterrupted access to the electronic information resources to its patrons to provide additional knowledge on industry developments and societal aspects.

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Journal & Periodical Subscriptions

International Journals

ICTACT Journal  on Commn. Tech. ICTACT Jrnl. on Soft Computing

ICTACT Jrnl. on Image  and  Video Processing

Intl. Jrnl. Of Computer Engineering


Intl. Jrnl. On Computer Sc. & Communication

Intl. Jrnl. of Microelectronic & VLSI Design

Intl. Jrnl. of Info. Tech. & High Perfo. Comp.

National Journals

Applied Computational Intel. & Soft Comp. Communication Engg. & Systems

Current  Trends in Signal Processing Data  Mining and  Warehouse Electronics Engineering

Embedded Systems

Engg. & Manufacturing Science

IETE Journals  of Research

IETE Technical Review


IUP Journal  of Computer Science

IUP Journal  of Information  Technology

IUP Journal  of Telecommunications

Jrnl. of  Electronics System and  Control

Jrnl of  Adv. Networking  and  Computer Engg. Jrnl of  Advances in Fuzzy Systems

Jrnl. of the Indian Institute of Science

Jrnl. of The Inst. of Engineers (India) : Series B Nanotechnology & Applications

Wireless Networks and  Communications


Computerized & Bar Code  enabled Circulation Web Based Current  Awareness  Service and  SDI Web OPAC

Newspaper Clippings Reference/Bibliographical Services Inter Library Loan

Digital Library for Digital Collection Mgmt. Seminar  & Conference Alerts

Thesis of the Month

Additional Borrowing facility for

Scheduled  Category & Topper Students


Extended Hours Reading Hall

E-Library with set up of 10 Workstations Suggestions  & Recommendations Box Photocopying, Scanning  and  Printing

High Speed  Internet & Wi-Fi Campus Connectivity

Book Reservation

The Library of the  Institute is efficiently  managed by :

Dr. Bipin Nargide – Librarian

Mr. Atul Nanaware – Assistant  Librarian

Mr. Vinod Singh  – Library Attendant

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