Department of Electronics and Telecommunication (E&TC)

I²IT Society of Electronics & Telecommunication Students (ISETS)

1. To provide a comfortable and inviting environment where all student members can interact to assist in the personal development  through both training sessions and daily interaction, in the areas of leadership, social responsibility, self realization and interpersonal cooperation.

2. Encourage more Students to conduct & coordinate events that will enhance their experience and become more prepared to face the future work challenges.

3. Association will work to promote a positive relationship among students, faculty and staff.

1. To foster holistic development in students.

2. Involve students in activities that will develop good teamwork qualities and leadership skills.

3. Enhancement of social , managerial & technical skills of members.

4. Create a environment that promotes creativity in form of innovative ideas & projects.

1. Conduct and host workshops, social events, expert lectures and soft skills development activities.

2. Platform to conduct trainings, hands-on workshops and support students with innovative ideas.

3. To promote and encourage student clubs & societies.

4. To provide leisure learning & recreational opportunities to its members by conducting quality extracurricular activities.


Secretary Yamini Iyengar
Joint-Secretary Abhishek Ranjan
Treasurer Suraj Kose
Co-Treasurer Rohit Nimkar
Event Co-ordinator Archan Nagbhidkar
Event Co-ordinator Janhvi Patil
Executive Member Gaurav Soni
Executive Member Mohammad Sameer Ansari
Girl Representative Bhakti Jadhav
Girl Representative Pooja Kinkar
Technical Club Head Indraneel Dongaonkar
Social Club Head Monica Manojkumar
PD club Head Shubham Dubey
Branding Head Ankit Kumar

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1. ISETS core team formation & Inaugural ceremony A.Y. : 2018-19 SEM 1 (2nd July, 2018) 

To introduce ISETS and newly formed committee to SE/TE /BE students , team ISETS  conducted a Inaugural Ceremony  on 2nd July, 2018 in the Mohini Chhabria Convention Centre, I2IT, Pune.  New core team members for academic year 2018-19, were distributed badges and team ISETS discussed about their  objectives, goals and plans for A.Y. 2018-19.

Date : 2nd July, 2018
Timing : 2.30 – 3.30 pm

Badge distribution to new committee members
Welcome address and ISETS vision by Secretary ISETS
Congratulating new team and encouragement by HoD E&TC
Plans by PD club ISETS
Congratulating new team and encouragement by Principal
New ISETS committee A.Y. 2018-19
2. “ANUBHAV” Session by Mr. Nilesh Deshmukh (2nd July, 2018)

As a name suggest ANUBHAV…. EXPERIENCE is what makes us ready to tackle all the challenge in life.  As experience sharing –platform team ISETS provide the knowledge in its purest form that is through story telling. As an open plateform ISETS invite people from every field to share their experience.  The whole idea of anubhav is to connect the story of one’s life through the experience of another and help each other grow in respective field.

The first event for A.Y. 2018-19 started with Learning about the experiences of Mr. Nilesh Deshmukh, the guest speaker for Anubhav ( Co-founder Pune Schools.Org, Founder Industry-Academia Consortium (IAC), Pune, Maharashtra, India & alumni of I2IT). Mr. Nilesh Deshmukh  shared his views on importance of student life and efficient utilization of time and resources  in this phase. He also stressed on continuous learning which is key mantra followed by him during this initial phase of entrepreneur journey.

Date : 2 nd July, 2018
Timing : 3.30 – 4.00 pm

“ANUBHAV” Session by Mr. Nilesh Deshmukh
Mr. Nilesh Deshmukh addressing audience
Mr. Nilesh Deshmukh presented with token of thanks

3. Project Exhibition  (2nd July, 2018)

Project Exhibition was organised for SE & TE E&TC students  under the Technical club of ISETS on 2nd July, 2018 in lab A-112, I2IT.  BE-E&TC students demonstrated the Mini-Projects implemented by them. The objective of this was to share ideas and domains students can start working with. Students also discussed future extension that could be done in existing projects.

Date : 2 nd July, 2018
Timing : 4.00 – 5.00 pm

Project demo by BE students during exhibition
Project demo by BE students during exhibition
Project demo by BE students during exhibition

4. Aptitude Session on INFOSYS PATTERN  (26th   July, 2018)

The *Infosys limited* aptitude session was conducted on  26th July 2018 under PD club of ISETS by Mr. Shubham Dubey (BE-E&TC) in seminar hall, A-307, I2IT . The session started with a kick off video based on career choices and moving on in life with what you want to do. A brief discussion with the students took place regarding ‘intelligence’ Vs smartness.

Students were then detailed on INFOSYS written exam and interview pattern and preparation of the same. Test on Infosys pattern and previous year sample paper was also conducted. Students securing high points were presented with a token of appreciation.

PD club discussing INFOSYS pattern
Token of appreciation to top performers of Mock test
Discussion on INFOSYS pattern by PD head Mr. Shubham Dubey

5. Workshop on Basic Python and Machine Learning  (27th & 28th  July, 2018)

A Workshop on Basic Python and Machine Learning was conducted by Mr. Amol Patil (alumni I2IT) on 27 and 28 July, 2018 under the Technical club of ISETS in seminar hall, A-307, I2IT.  The objective of this was skill enhancement on python  using hands on sessions and introduction to machine learning, to understand linear regression in one variable, to understand linear regression in multiple variable etc.

Event poster
Session by Mr. Amol Patil on Python and machine learning
Token of appreciation to Mr. Amol Patil as resource person for workshop


1. Session on Research Paper Writing & Presentation (12th  March, 2018)

Session was conducted for SE,TE,BE students by B.E.-E&TC  students  Isteyak Ansari, Pratik More and Asmita to present their recently published paper titled “THEORETICAL MODEL AND DEVELOPMENT OF IoT BASED DIGITAL AGRICULTURAL SYSTEM” which was presented at the Eighth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Electronics and Electrical Technology – CEET 2018 held on 03-04 February, 2018 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The objective of workshop was enabling students to  understand how to write and present  research paper . It also focused on common mistakes that should be avoided while writing and presenting paper.

2 Session on Machine Learning (29th March, 2018)

Session was conducted for SE,TE,BE students by S.E.-E&TC  student  Mr. Shashank Shanbaug to present basics of machine learning,  linear regression in one variable & multiple variable. This helped students identify different applications for machine learning based algorithms.

3. Signature Day Event (28th  March, 2018) 

Departmental event to bid farewell for passing out batch 2018 was conducted for all BE students. Event was coordinated by Tinushree Chavan & Mansi  Shinde (BE-E&TC)

Event started with the video clip of photos of BE students, then fish pond was played which included confessions of students for their friends and finally ended up with signature event.

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